When choosing granite countertops, you might ask why some granites are so much more expensive than others? If you look closely, you will find that their color, shape, and size are actually the same.

This is because the price of granite countertops is not just based on their color, shape, and size. Many factors are involved in determining the final price of granite countertops. To understand these factors, we must start with how the granite countertops come from.

blue granite countertops

Butterfly blue granite countertops

First of all, to talk about miners, that is, mine workers, their job is to dig underground granite. Granite is distributed near mountains all over the world. The most abundant granite mineral resources are China, South America, Europe, and other countries.

These mineworkers need to dig out these granites. This work alone is very cumbersome. Blasting is impossible because blasting will break the granite and make it useless. Conversely, mineworkers use special tools to strip large pieces of granite. These blocks are very heavy, and the weight of a single block is equivalent to the weight of 20 cars. www.stonebuy.com

Once the granite is stripped from the mine, they are shipped to the processing plant. Here, these blocks will be processed into smooth and shiny plates familiar to the public. This process involves a lot of mechanical equipment such as cutting and polishing.

The processing process is not simple. In fact, it takes about a week to process the rough and large blocks into a smooth granite slab. All these processing costs are naturally included in the cost of granite countertops.

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blue louise granite kitchen countertops

This is the main reason why two granite slabs seem to be the same but the prices are far different. The cost of granite countertops includes the transportation cost and processing cost of granite.

In addition, the pattern on the stone will also affect the final price of the granite countertop. Experts will tell you which patterns are relatively rare, and naturally, their prices are much higher than ordinary patterns. The same is true for the color of the stone. Some rare and unique colors will increase the price of granite.

Now that you know why the prices of granite countertops are so different, you must also understand another thing. No matter where the granite comes from, or how rare its colors and patterns are, their durability and elasticity are on the same level. Therefore, if you can’t afford the rarer granite, buy granite at the right price. What is certain is that you can also enjoy the benefits of granite countertops.

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blue bahia granite stone kitchen countertops