Causes of mildew on stone countertops


First, Organic adhesion. Organic matter mainly comes from the following aspects: 1. Food residues, insect corpses, etc. floating in the air 2. Organic ingredients in stone glue 3. Stone surface decoration, such as wood, cardboard, etc. 4. Deposits close to the stone Natural black marble countertops Second, wet. Needless to say, there are

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Processing and application process of stone countertops


Produce high-quality, customer-satisfied countertop products, as long as you follow the production process, reasonable plans, arrangements, implementation, and follow-up checks, you can enter the normal production track. First of all, the process flow must be clear: material selection→discharging→feeding (circular saw)→saw cutting→inspection→infrared bridge cutting→table panel processing workshop→bonding (bottlenose edge, duck mouth edge, flat edge, etc.)→up Machine

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