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7 steps to install marble countertops


Installing a sophisticated marble countertop is economical and simple. When it comes to its cleaning and care, compared with other ceramic tiles, marble is also a better choice. It does not require cleaning and grouting, and it can almost be said to be free of cleaning and care. Natural colored marble countertops pros and

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Kitchen furniture standards and hazardous substances limit


With the economic development and the improvement of living standards, especially in the 1990s, kitchen furniture has been a rookie in the field of interior furniture decoration. With the continuous emergence of new materials and new processes, the speed of product upgrading has accelerated significantly, but Due to the rapid development of kitchen furniture in

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Special maintenance of granite countertops


Granite countertops require special maintenance so that they can remain beautiful throughout the years. Although granite is scratch-resistant, it still needs to be properly maintained with this material. Here are some simple procedures to follow: marble countertops cost 1. Spillage will penetrate into the surface layer, so it should be cleaned immediately when

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