Which stone is best for kitchen countertops?


We all know that there are many stone materials that can be used for decoration and made into various home decoration products, and now many people love to use stone materials for furniture, such as marble tables, such as artificial stone background walls, today EDG Stone will give you Introduced are several kinds of stone

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What type of stone is best for countertops?


1. Granite countertops Granite is the material of choice for kitchen countertops. It adds elegance to the kitchen. As the use of granite has become more and more popular, its price has also begun to fall. This beautiful stone adds beauty and warmth to a kitchen. Advantages: high-temperature resistance; various colors; durable; long service life;

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Precautions for artificial stone paving window sills and kitchen countertops


For the artificial stone paving window sill and the precautions of the kitchen countertop, the backing plate should be laid. 1. Kitchen countertop: 1). When artificial stone is used on the countertop of the kitchen, there must be no less than a 1.5 cm thick boxboard cushion on the top of the cabinet. China

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Home improvement granite countertop maintenance


If you want to improve the grade of your home, and you want to be durable and easy to maintain, owners will generally turn their attention to granite countertops. Granite is the hardest of all stones, second only to diamonds. Granite comes from lava and can withstand the high temperatures of a stove without a

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