Porcelain Countertops

The countertop of the cabinet is the most direct part in contact with oil, water, and high temperature, so the rock board of the custom cabinet needs to be oil-proof, waterproof, and high-temperature resistant. EDGSTONE’s large porcelain slabs have undergone strict production control and glaze coloring, which makes the rock slabs have better oil and water resistance. You can cut fruits and mix salads directly on the rock slabs. There are no scratches on the rock slab surface. Food is safe and environmentally friendly. edible. And the EDGSTONE large porcelain slab has been processed at high temperature and tightly pressed, making it have extremely high impermeability and fire resistance. It can be directly grilled on the surface of the rock slab, steak, lamb, etc., and the oil can be easily cleaned and smooth as new without worrying about the surface Beauty and cleanliness issues.

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