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The microcrystalline stone table top is beautiful and easy to clean


Microcrystalline stone is a kind of vitreous stone. As a new type of building material, microcrystalline stone has gradually entered people's homes. According to the raw material and production process of microcrystalline stone, microcrystalline stone can be divided into three categories: non-porous microcrystalline stone, whole body microcrystalline stone, and composite microcrystalline stone. Nano Microcrystalline

The microcrystalline stone table top is beautiful and easy to clean2021-05-31T07:21:05+00:00

Quartz stone cabinet countertop knowledge introduction


Quartz stone cabinet countertops are better in hardness and wear resistance than artificial stone cabinet countertops, and have better heat resistance, but they are definitely not so powerful. Whether it is artificial stone or quartz stone, you cannot put the hot pot directly on the countertop. Expansion and contraction will cause local molecular structure changes.

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Maintenance method of artificial stone countertop


Artificial stone countertops are countertops made of artificial stone. Artificial stone (also known as "artificial marble") is a new type of composite material. It is mixed with unsaturated polyester resin and fillers and pigments. A small amount of initiator is added. The processing procedure is made. In the manufacturing process, different color materials can be

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Daily care of granite countertops


Granite countertops are ideal for the front decoration of houses, such as kitchen countertops, bars, tables against the wall, and waiting stations. Because granite countertops have high water and moisture resistance, they are widely used in public places or semi-public bathroom countertops, such as hotels and spas. Its long-lasting durability will make it the most

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Tips for removing stubborn stains on artificial stone cabinet countertops


The so-called artificial stone cabinet countertops are actually cabinet countertops made of artificial stone. The artificial stone cabinet countertop has been loved and recognized by the majority of users with its unparalleled hardness and heat resistance. In order to let friends who use artificial stone cabinet countertops better use and care for them, the editor

Tips for removing stubborn stains on artificial stone cabinet countertops2021-05-25T01:45:52+00:00

Artificial stone countertop maintenance


Proper cleaning to reduce discoloration of the countertop Acrylic artificial stone countertops pay more attention to ordinary care than stainless steel countertops and artificial quartz stone countertops. If the artificial stone countertop needs to be dripped with soy sauce or dark stains, it usually needs to be cleaned within 10 to 12 hours. After this

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How to maintain cultural marble countertops?


Cultural marble countertops are made of crushed marble, resin, calcium carbonate, pigments, and other materials. It turns out that this kind of cultural stone is tougher and easier to repair than marble countertops. When cleaning the marble bathroom, everyone who has used it will admire this kind of cultural stone countertops. China quartz countertop

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Advantages of artificial stone countertops


At present, there are many kinds of cabinet countertop materials on the market, including artificial stone countertops, countertops made of fireproof board, stainless steel countertops, and natural stone countertops such as marble and granite. Among so many materials, let's talk about the advantages of artificial stone countertops. First of all, artificial stone countertops, it has

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Four advantages of choosing artificial stone for cabinet countertops


There are many types of cabinet countertops at present: artificial stone countertops, fireproof board countertops, stainless steel countertops, granite countertops, and so on. These countertops have basic properties such as anti-fouling, anti-scalding, and anti-scratch. But to measure the comprehensive performance indicators of all material countertops, the most suitable for modern kitchens is artificial stone countertops.

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Cleaning and maintenance of slate countertops


Slate is a metamorphic rock formed from clay rock and sedimentary shale (sometimes quartzite). The current colors are mainly light blue, black, light green, pink, brown, light gray, yellow, etc. Slate is not only rich in texture, but also hard in texture, quaint color, low water absorption, no radiation pollution, and has the characteristics of

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