When it comes to the bar, most families only have a vague concept, indeed, as an auxiliary functional area of the kitchen, it has almost no presence, or for some families, even no practicality, so its design is omitted when the space is laid out.

The so-called bar, inspired by the bar bartender’s workbench, has a curved or semi-arc design, which can not only watch the process of bartending but also conduct an orderly communication with surrounding consumers. In the later stage of development, it was used by home designers and became a part of the space.

So, when decorating, can such a design really be omitted? In fact, the aesthetics and practicality of the bar counter are extremely high, not only can be used in a variety of functional areas, but also enhance the overall home style, if you give up, it is a pity.

Stone bar

best marble alternative

best marble alternative

Let’s discuss:

The true purpose of the stone bar, you may only know 1%

Then what you don’t understand

So what is the role of the 99%?

The reason why the bar counter has been criticized for its practicality. Therefore, at the beginning of the design, we will first make an analysis of what the bar counter can bring to the space, and here are a few home improvement tips for your reference.

1. Restaurant bar

For small apartments, there are dining tables everywhere in the limited space, but the emergence of the bar counter has changed this situation.

If possible, remove the door connecting the kitchen to the living room, make it open, and put it in the bar, which can be used directly as a dining table or as a partition between the living room and the kitchen.

The advantage of this is that it can expand the functional areas of the house, shorten the movement between the kitchen and the dining room, and enhance the connection between the areas, thus creating a pleasant dining environment.

2. the living room bar

If you’re tired of looking at a cookie-cutter living room design, you might as well add a bar to redefine the living room.

The combination of the wine cabinet and the bar counter replaces the background wall of the sofa, so that the bar counter is facing the direction of the TV, and the tabletop of the bar is flush with the back of the sofa, which can be a little more fun when family and friends get together.

3. Office leisure bar

The bar acts as an office area, saving space to open up a study and allowing the space to move around.

According to the structural design and load-bearing capacity of the balcony, a simple bar counter is installed, and a computer and tea cups are placed. The surrounding area can be a staggered plant potted plant, or a customized bookcase, with flowing curtains, and the office can enjoy the scenery.

Stone has a unique natural texture

Because of its plasticity, decoration, durability

It is the best material for creating a bar counter

Whether it’s at home or in the office

All of them show a minimalist, low-key luxury decoration style

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So how many forms can there be of a stone bar?

1. the wall-mounted

Utilize wall-mounted placement

The wine cabinet can be placed above the bar or suspended on the wall

It occupies a small area

Suitable for smaller interiors

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2. Corner type

Arrange in the corner of the room and office space

You can sit around the platform for easy conversation

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how much do marble countertops cost

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kitchen marble color

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kitchen marble colors

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marble alternative

3. Partition type

Use bar cabinets and bar counters to separate the space

It is suitable for large areas and requires a variety of functional areas

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marble color countertops

marble counter and backsplash

marble counter and backsplash

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marble countertop alternatives

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marble countertop and backsplash

4. embedded

in irregular interior spaces

Corner space can be fully utilized

If the recessed part is placed on the bar

It not only increases the usable area

It also makes the whole interior space look neat

Build a small bar in your home

Listen to melodious music and taste the comfortable life

It is the supreme state of many urbanites who pursue modernity

It doesn’t matter if the room is big or small

The creation of a bar counter always brings a little bit of fashion and novelty

Having said all that, it’s better to choose one

Functional display of stone bar

After clarifying the function of the bar

You need to think about how to choose

A bar that suits you

Here are some tips for home improvement

marble countertop kit

marble countertop kit

Here are a few points to note when choosing a bar:

1. the material

If you want the bar counter to show stronger practicality and aesthetics, you should start with the material, wood, stone, stainless steel… Choose according to different decoration styles and different use characteristics.

For example: Nordic style, minimalist style, industrial style, wooden literature and art, stone high-end, decorative, wood durable, practical, stone wear-resistant, specifically based on the actual situation.

First of all, stone is the best material for bar selection, in addition to the beautiful appearance, stone can highlight the status of the accident, there are other advantages, the high-temperature resistance of stone is very good, and for the kitchen, this is relatively high-temperature environment, it will not have any impact. The role of the bar counter in the kitchen annex area should not be underestimated, and the use of stone is also very suitable!

The stone bar can be divided into natural stone and artificial stone. Among them, natural stone is represented by marble and granite, while artificial stone quartz stone is typical. Some friends will ask, which one is better? This is a concern for everyone who wants to decorate.

Xiaobian thinks that each material has its own merits, and there are advantages and disadvantages, With this knowledge Xiaobian has edited many articles, you can click the link to take a look: “Marble or granite for kitchen countertops?” You look at it! 》

2. the size

The size of the bar determines the comfort of use, so when customizing the bar counter, consider the area of use and the height of the user. The height of the common bar counter is 90-100cm, and the width is 60-80cm, pay attention to the distance between the chair and the countertop to ensure that users can have a good experience.

3. Location

If you don’t want the bar to be idle, then you must pay attention to the location of the installation. In areas such as the entrance, living room, kitchen, dining room, etc., try to choose a place that does not affect the flow of traffic and has a wide view, so as to create an orderly space atmosphere.

As long as it’s properly designed, anything has a presence in a space, and the same goes for a bar. Integrating a well-crafted bar into an area as part of everyday life is not just a matter of adding it, but once again it is no longer an expression of the status quo of life.

Precautions for the bar

Content Extension:

The high-end atmosphere of natural stone makes people fall for it

The texture of each piece of stone is different

Smooth and delicate, bright and fresh

It exudes a mysterious and bewitching luxury and extraordinary temperament

Use in every corner

can bring a visual feast

Stone is used as the material for the bar countertop

How do you do it?

marble countertop look alike

marble countertops look alike

marble countertop price

marble countertop price

marble countertops and backsplash

marble countertops and backsplash

Stone bar, countertop processing, and quality requirements

First, the production of the process sheet

Although the process of stone countertop in stone processing is relatively simple, it is difficult to ensure that the processed stone countertop meets the seamless requirements if there is no special processing technology guidance.

1. Stone material quality requirements

Stone countertops: The stone surface is absolutely not allowed to have any stone defects.

2. The size of the stone cutting board and the size requirements of the finished product

The requirements for the size of the stone countertop are determined according to the installation of the countertop.

1) Stone countertop card is installed at both ends of the wall:

In this case, the length and size of the wall can not be long, only 1~2mm smaller; The size of the direction of not leaning against the wall or one side against the wall depends on the material, processing technology, and edging.

If the edging is double-sided along the length direction, the width direction dimension must add a grinding and polishing allowance of 2mm, at least not less than 1mm; The margin of unilateral edging should not be less than 1mm. If the bottom edge of the material is more serious, it is necessary to add a margin of not less than the length or width of the chipping in the width direction and eliminate the margin when grinding and polishing.

2) One or both ends of the stone countertop are not stuck at both ends of the wall:

The length and width can be appropriately larger, with a limit of less than 5mm; When grinding and polishing, the allowance can be eliminated or not.

3) Stone special-shaped plate countertop:

As a special member of the countertop products, the size requirements of the special-shaped countertop are not so strict. However, if the stone countertop has installation size requirements, the document maker must understand the clear tolerance requirements of the process sheet, and add the machining allowance to the upper right end of the standard size when placing the order. For example, 1200+10 means that 10mm is added to the size of 1200, that is, 1210mm.

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marble kitchen countertop cost

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marble kitchen countertops cost

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marble kitchen countertops price

4) Processing technology requirements:

In order to make the processed countertop truly meet the requirements of the seamless countertop, many stone production enterprises will increase the size of the stone countertop, and then grind off the chipping edge with an edge grinding machine or a diamond flat milling wheel for secondary processing. If the size is not increased, the chipping can also be milled away by the thickness fixing method to achieve the purpose of eliminating the chipping.

3. Stone countertop process requirements

The processing technology of the stone countertop is the core content of the countertop process sheet, which determines the quality of countertop products.

1) Stone cutting board requirements:

In the process sheet, it is necessary to indicate what equipment is used to cut the board, the accuracy requirements of the equipment, the requirements of the saw blade, the size standard, and the quality requirements of the surface chipping and chipping angle after cutting.

2) Stone thickness requirements:

The purpose of the thickness fixing is to eliminate the chipping of the bottom surface of the countertop, and the quality of the stone thickness determines the quality of the seamless countertop. The thickness depth is based on the situation of the bottom surface chipping, and the width is greater than the thickness or width of the sticky strip.

Description of the common process flow of seamless stone countertop production AB thickness line and G diagram do not determine the thickness of the collapsed edge, so the thickness is unqualified; The CD thickness line and F diagram have completely fixed the thickness of the collapsed edge, and the thickness is qualified. When fixing the thickness of the bottom edge, it is necessary to pay attention to the selection of electroplating milling wheels, because the surface of the electroplating milling wheel is smoother than that of the sintered milling wheel, and there is no cambered surface on the surface.

When calibrating the thickness, it is necessary to control the running speed of the machine tool to prevent the occurrence of the phenomenon of milling low at the inlet and outlet of the fixed-thickness cutter. The flatness of the fixed thickness surface is controlled below 0.5mm/m to ensure that the adhesive seam is below 0.5mm.

3) Bonding requirements:

Bonding is the most critical process in the processing technology of seamless stone countertops, if the quality of countertop bonding is poor, and the color of the glue is not well adjusted, it will greatly affect the quality of the seamless countertop glue joint.

4) Forming and edging requirements:

When the stone countertop is formed, a grinding and polishing allowance of 1mm should be left, and the allowance should be eliminated when grinding and polishing.

5), stone basin hole processing requirements:

Give the shape, size, edging, and size deviation requirements of the bowl hole.

6) Quality inspection requirements for countertops:

Material requirements, size standards, stone basin holes, and water roar hole requirements.

7), Stone countertop packaging requirements:

Specify packaging materials; Specify the way of packing; Specify how the box is reinforced.

4. Stone countertop processing quality requirements

The quality requirements of the stone countertop panel, the size requirements, the shape and quality requirements of the edge, the quality requirements of the basin hole, the quality requirements of the water roar hole, and the size requirements of the inner cavity at the bottom of the countertop, whether it matches the size of the furniture.

Second, the stone countertop material selection requirements

The material quality of the worktops is very demanding. Granite and quartz stone are never allowed to break; Marble stone and artificial granite stone pure white, imitation jade, and unpatterned stone are not allowed to be broken and repaired; Other marble, and artificial granite stone fracture after the back to take the reinforcement method, and after reinforcement, there is no obvious reinforcement traces, artificial stone countertop surface is not allowed to have pits, holes, sand holes, otherwise, it is easy to hide dirt, water absorption, affect the quality of the countertop panel.

marble slab colors

marble slab colors

Third, the stone-cutting board requirements

1. Requirements for equipment

1) The accuracy of stone cutting equipment can be controlled within ±0.5mm; The diagonal accuracy is controlled within ±0.5mm.

2) The working surface of the equipment is smooth, the liner on the table is basically intact, and there are few saw seams; The cut plate has less chipping and less corner dropping at the bottom.

3) The size of the stone chipping is not more than 1mm (depth) * 2mm (width); The opposite side of the cut plate is required to be free of chipping or jagged edges.

4) The spindle of the equipment is running normally, and there is no runout.

5) There is no oil leakage in the equipment because the oil leakage of the equipment will contaminate the countertop.

6) The water quality requirement is that it will not pollute the board surface and corrode the board surface. White, jade, and rusty stones are best used to cut the board with clear water.

2. Stone saw blade requirements

Choose a saw blade that matches the stone variety and hardness. Choose a saw blade with a diameter that matches the depth of the sawing board, and it is advisable to cut the saw blade 50mm above the board surface after cutting to the bottom of the board. Cut the blade before using it. When the saw blade is installed, it should be installed in the direction of the arrow.

3. Parameter requirements for stone cutting boards

Control the walking speed of the saw blade in the process of stone cutting, cut the board at a lower speed, and then gradually increase the walking speed of the saw blade, observe the collapse of the board surface during the cutting process, and do not increase the cutting speed until there is a slight chipping on the board surface;

For materials that are not prone to chipping, the sound of cutting is used to determine whether the sawing speed is appropriate. In the process of cutting stone, the amount of water should be increased to ensure that the water on the saw blade is sufficient and fully lubricated. If there are cutting parameters, you can refer to the cutting parameters to see the tabletop.

4. Quality requirements for stone cutting boards

When cutting stones, we should pay attention to avoid various defects of stone and avoid cracks, black spots, color lines, color spots, sweeping flowers, pink lines, bee clusters, serious yin and yang colors, etc. When cutting the stone, control the geometric size, angular size, and diagonal size of the cutting to be accurate.

marble-like countertops

marble-like countertops

Control the quality of the stone plate surface during cutting, and do not allow the phenomenon of chipping and corner dropping. If the back of the countertop needs to be bonded, it is also necessary to ensure that the edges, edges, and corners of the back are intact and undamaged, so as to ensure the processing quality after bonding, grinding, and polishing.

When cutting stones, we should pay attention to the color and texture differences between the previously cut materials and the materials that are cut now, especially the differences between the same set of stone countertops. In order to ensure that the seam between the adhesive strip and the stone countertop achieves seamless quality requirements, for some materials that cannot be avoided by chipping and chipping, the processing allowance of 3~5mm can be added to the edge of the adhesive place or the phenomenon of chipping and corner chipping can be eliminated by fixing the thickness of 2mm.

Bonding in the length direction, you can add 3~5mm in the width direction; The edge can be bonded in the width direction, and the margin in the length direction is 3~5mm. After the edge is bonded, the bonding allowance is eliminated by edging or trimming.

Stone countertop plate size standard: long (0, -1); width (-3, 3); Thickness (-1, 1). For some countertops that match the furniture, special attention should be paid to the control of the dimensional accuracy of the cutting board.

5. Stone table placement requirements

The placement of the stone countertop must be smooth and forward, separated by a non-fading partition or foam between the smooth side and the back, and keep the board surface clean. The large stone slabs are placed in the back and the small slabs are placed in the front; The longboard is in the back, and the short board is in the front. All boards are placed upright, and it is strictly forbidden to lay them flat. Prevent the small plate from being crushed by the large plate, resulting in fracture repair and affecting the quality of the plate surface.

6. Requirements for the transfer of stone countertops

Before the countertop is transferred, it must be checked whether it is placed according to the above requirements and tied with a binding belt. Forklift transfer, or hand-pulled forklift transfer. In the process of processing, it is advisable to handle stone in a vertical way.

Fourth, special-shaped stone countertop processing

The processing methods of special-shaped stone countertops include a manual cutting method and a mechanical cutting method. The waterjet machine is the most commonly used equipment for processing special-shaped plates, with high machining accuracy, can process arbitrary curves, and the production efficiency is also extremely high.

To control the shape of the special-shaped stone plate, the deviation is generally controlled within 1mm, but the waterjet machine processing the stone countertop special-shaped plate depends on the burr of the special-shaped plate processed by the waterjet machine.

The tool for manual cutting of special-shaped stone countertops is a hand-cutting machine, which is cheap and flexible to use. When cutting, the line is drawn with a standard template, and the special-shaped plate is cut by a hand-cutting machine according to the line, and then the worktop is manually ground to the standard.

material like marble

material like marble

what backsplash goes with marble countertops

what backsplash goes with marble countertops

Key points for countertop stone installation:

1. Apply glass glue of the same color as the countertop stone against the wall;

2. Control the bay and install the reserved space in the main body and masonry stage, and there shall be no conflict between the countertop stone and the door sleeve line due to the insufficient length of the wall, and the gap between the countertop stone and the wall is too large due to the width being too wide;

3. The bathroom cabinet installed against the wall is not edging against the wall, and it is directly touched and glued; Edging on the air side is sufficient.