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Talking about the processing flow of granite and marble stone countertops


Stone countertops are widely used, such as home kitchen countertops, hand-washing countertops, and so on. The vanities in luxury hotel guest rooms use precious stone materials. From the stone principle to the finished product, a countertop has to go through the following processes: material selection → large cutting → polishing → trimming → edge processing

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Sealing of granite countertops


When sealing the countertop, use a sealant and use a white rag or brush as a tool to seal. Wait about 3-4 minutes for the sealant to penetrate the stone. After the sealant is almost dry, apply some sealant again, and use a clean dry cloth to spread it evenly, and repeat until the entire

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Are granite countertops safe?


As you know, for the strong natural characters of granite stone, granite has a high silica content and is an acid rock. Some granites contain trace amounts of radioactive elements, and such granites should be avoided for indoor use. The granite has a dense structure, a hard texture, good acid and alkali resistance, and good

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