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Maintenance method for artificial stone and natural stone cabinet countertops


There are many types of cabinet countertops, and it is not possible to generalize when maintaining them. It is necessary to distinguish between maintenance methods. This article gives you the knowledge of furniture maintenance and introduces the maintenance methods of the two most common countertop materials-artificial stone and natural stone cabinet countertops. You must pay

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Guidelines for Sealing Granite Countertops


Among all the natural stones used to decorate the kitchen or home, granite is by far the hardest and most durable material. This is why many people choose it as a kitchen countertop. The granite countertop needs to be sealed once a year to maintain and ensure the service life of the granite countertop. Some

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Granite countertops—the favorite of American consumers


The well-known Harris Research Company conducted this survey on behalf of the American Marble Association on 2021 American citizens over the age of 18 on October 7-9. The survey asked the respondents which countertop they would choose to decorate their ideal kitchen. The results showed that 55% of the respondents chose granite countertops, while only

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Granite countertop maintenance


If you want to improve the grade of your home, and you want to be durable and easy to maintain, owners will generally turn their attention to granite countertops. Granite is the hardest of all stones, second only to diamonds. Granite comes from lava and can withstand the high temperatures of a stove without a

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