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Will stone cabinets become the mainstream in the overall kitchen?


More and more families choose stone cabinets as their preferred material when decorating their kitchens. What are the advantages of stone cabinets compared to wooden cabinets? We analyze for you from all angles. Why will stone cabinets become the mainstream in the overall kitchen? Natural marble bathroom vanity top Environmental standards Wooden cabinets

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Precautions for countertop processing


1. The purchase requires the thickness of the rough board to be between 1.95-2.15cm. 2. The thickness of the purchased light board is 1.90-2.1cm, and the gloss is above 85. 3. Matters needing attention in the cutting process: (1) The blocks should be placed firmly and stably on the platform. (2) Understand and see the

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Kitchen countertops are clean and hygienic: Granite is the best choice


There are many aspects to consider when choosing materials suitable for home kitchen countertops: design, color, price, practicality, installation, and most importantly, hygiene. The food we usually buy may be seriously contaminated by some disease-causing microorganisms, so kitchen utensils are very important in ensuring food safety. Kitchen countertops must be thoroughly cleaned after contact with

Kitchen countertops are clean and hygienic: Granite is the best choice2020-08-26T03:04:26+00:00

Countertop installation steps


1. The drafted countertop plan must be suitable for hanging and above the cabinet, including the water baffle and any specification boards. Choose a countertop and baffle with a polished edge. What must be considered when drawing the countertop sketch is that the general size of the large board is 102 inches * 62 inches.

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High-quality countertop production process


To produce high-quality, customer-satisfied countertop products, as long as you follow the production process, reasonable plans, arrangements, implementation, and follow-up checks, you can enter the normal production track. natural prefab granite countertops First of all, the process flow must be clear: material selection→discharging→feeding (circular saw)→saw cutting→inspection→infrared bridge cutting→table panel processing workshop→bonding (bottlenose edge,

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How to maintain your granite countertop?


Granite countertops need special maintenance so that they can remain beautiful over the years. Although granite is scratch-resistant, it is still necessary to properly maintain the countertops of this material. Here are some simple procedures to follow: the average cost of granite countertops 1. The spill will penetrate into the surface, so when

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Cleaning of granite countertops


If you want to improve the quality of your home and want to be durable and easy to maintain, owners will generally turn their attention to granite countertops. Granite is the hardest of all stones, next to diamonds. The granite comes from lava and can withstand the heat of a stove without a triangular iron

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Installation method of granite countertop


Although granite is suitable as a hard material for countertops, it is also expensive. But despite the high cost of installing granite countertops in the kitchen, they are still the first choice of consumers. Because the beauty and warmth they bring are irreplaceable by other countertops. giallo fiesta granite The main reason why

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Marble countertop maintenance


The marble looks beautiful, so it is often used for floors, countertops, mantels, tabletops, and other countertops that require decorative and robustness. However, people have gradually realized the defects of marble, that is, it is easily scratched, discolored, stained, and leaves permanent scars. Even so, the charm of marble is unstoppable. It is incomparable. If

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Quartz countertop-a new bright spot in the kitchen


In the past ten years, stainless steel has had a great influence on kitchen design. There is no doubt that stainless steel is also a popular material for making countertops. Stainless steel countertops give the kitchen an industrial feel. It is easy to clean and resistant to high temperatures. Granite has been the material of

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