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Three important technical parameters of stone waterproofing


There are three technical parameters closely related to our stone waterproofing: hydrophobicity, water absorption, and moisture content. Let's take a look at the following four water droplet graphics: θ=142o↑ θ=132o↑ θ=84o↑ θ=76o↑ You will notice that the θ value changes all the time. It can be clearly seen that the shape of the four water

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12 tricks to make the stone island design more colorful, open kitchen standard


You can't talk about the open kitchen without mentioning the island design. The island is standard in open kitchens, both functional and decorative. Combined with the actual situation of different spaces, the island also has different definitions and forms. So, how should the island be designed? The following editor has collected 12 island designs, come

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About stone countertops, Is it better to import stone or domestic stone?


Imported stone VS domestic stone I often hear some customers discussing how expensive and high-grade imported stone is, while domestic stone is scum. 1. I would like to ask whether your stone is imported or domestic. 2. If it is made in China, has the car overturned? 3. If it is imported, how fragrant is

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Make the stone surface smoother: precautions for wax water maintenance


Quartz stone has a variety of colors, is more serious, can be widely used in public buildings, and home decoration fields, is non-radioactive pollution, reusable environmental protection, and is green new building interior decoration material. The cabinet is the daily life of each family, the most contact, the most frequently used family plate, needs to

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Precautions for processing natural stone countertops


1. The purchase requires that the thickness of the wool board is between 1.95-2.15cm. 2. The thickness of the purchased light board is 1.90-2.1cm, and the gloss is over 85. 3. Precautions for the large cutting process: (1) The blocks should be placed firmly and steadily on the platform. (2) Understand and see the schematic

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Special maintenance of granite countertops


Granite countertops require special maintenance so that they can remain beautiful throughout the years. Although granite is scratch-resistant, it still needs to be properly maintained with this material. Here are some simple procedures to follow: marble countertops cost 1. Spillage will penetrate into the surface layer, so it should be cleaned immediately when

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2020 Are granite countertops expensive?


Generally speaking, any commodity price is divided into three price levels of high, middle, and low. Compared with the general countertop construction materials, the price of natural granite will be correspondingly higher, that is because the natural granite countertop has 6 unparalleled advantages. 1. Value-added, Granite kitchen countertops can add value. This makes it valuable

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Granite countertop maintenance


If you want to improve the grade of your home, and you want to be durable and easy to maintain, owners will generally turn their attention to granite countertops. Granite is the hardest of all stones, second only to diamonds. Granite comes from lava and can withstand the high temperatures of a stove without a

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