Proper cleaning to reduce discoloration of the countertop
Acrylic artificial stone countertops pay more attention to ordinary care than stainless steel countertops and artificial quartz stone countertops. If the artificial stone countertop needs to be dripped with soy sauce or dark stains, it usually needs to be cleaned within 10 to 12 hours. After this time limit, it will often leak from the surface of the countertop to the deep, and then the care will become very difficult. In addition, a large amount of bleach and scale will make the color of the countertop lighter after the residence time is too long.

When cleaning up, for white light marks, you can use cooking oil and a dry cloth to moisten and wipe the surface, and then wipe it dry after 5 minutes, and then use a wet cloth and soapy water to take care of it. If it is still difficult to take care of, then it is The countertop has already penetrated. If a penetration does occur, ask professionals to remove stains by sanding and waxing.

Special note: Do not use acidic cleaners, which will corrode the surface of artificial stone. In addition, consumers are advised to choose a countertop with a lighter color, because, for dark artificial stone countertops, the soy sauce penetrates under the surface of the countertop, which is difficult to find under normal light.

corian quartz countertops

Engineered Corian quartz countertops

Water sandpaper for small wear marks
If you are not careful when cooking in the kitchen, unsightly scratches will be formed on the artificial stone countertop. In the case where the scratch formation time is relatively short, you can use 600 mesh or 1200 according to the depth of the knife mark. Mesh, 2400 mesh water sandpaper is polished one by one.

First, pour the low-grain water sandpaper on the glass and place it flat on the glass. Be careful not to pour too much water, and then gently grind it back and forth along with the cabinet countertop with the sandpaper; then you can choose higher-mesh water sandpaper to polish the countertop, And treat it again with a scouring pad. Finally, use grinding and polishing ointment for further brightening treatment. If you find that the surface of the countertop has abrasion marks, long or deep scratches, it is best to ask the cabinet manufacturer to repair the countertop.

quartz countertops not shiny

Kitchen quartz countertops not shiny

Find the cause of surface cracks
In the past, many cabinet factories or repair shops only took care of the surface cracks when repairing, but did not consider whether the cracks were caused by the pads and pads under the countertop. In this case, cracks will occur in the future. Therefore, when repairing, consumers must first check whether there is a problem with the support of the countertop cabinet. If a problem is found, first reinforce the pad and the cabinet, and then perform other repairs.

quartz countertops with honey oak cabinets

Kitchen room quartz countertops with honey oak cabinets

Repair in time to avoid local decay of the cabinet
It is found that the fracture should not be delayed for a long time. If the water flows down to the cabinet board or the backing plate at the crack, the cabinet will be partially decayed if it is soaked for a long time. Such poor support for the countertop will breed germs or insects for a long time. Repair in time and seal the glue to prevent the cabinet from getting damp, thereby prolonging the service life of the cabinet.