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A simple method to identify the craftsmanship of artificial stone for cabinet countertops


1: Polyester type: The main raw materials are composed of unsaturated resin, aluminum hydroxide, and natural pigments. 2. Composite acrylic type: Add part of methyl methacrylate (MMA) to ordinary unsaturated resin to increase the aging resistance, hardness, and bending resistance of the solid surface material. green quartz countertops 3. Pure acrylic type (PMMA):

A simple method to identify the craftsmanship of artificial stone for cabinet countertops2021-12-20T02:27:50+00:00

Stone application: granite kitchen countertops


In the past ten years, granite has become the best choice for people to choose kitchen countertops. The price of granite varies, mainly according to the thickness of the edge, the smooth surface, and the plate. This material is more expensive, but many people are still willing to choose it. Even if they can't afford

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How to maintain granite stone countertops?


Many people may think that the maintenance of granite is very complicated and costly. In fact, the maintenance method of granite is very simple, almost without too much effort, very few requirements, or even no preventive measures. The penetration of grease or residual oil stains is the biggest killer of the beauty of granite, but

How to maintain granite stone countertops?2021-12-06T02:09:03+00:00


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