carrera marble countertops

How to deal with moldy marble countertops?


1. You can wipe it with bleach yourself. If you can't wipe it off, it will seep in. If you see it, you can find the stone care company to clean it. 2. Marble is a porous material, so it is easy to stain. Use less water when cleaning. Regularly wipe it with a slightly

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What should be paid attention to when decorating the kitchen?


1. Countertop: The countertop should be made of fireproof and waterproof materials. For cabinets, it is best to use finished products. The height of the countertop should be determined based on the height of the person who cooks most often at home. Usually* the height of the table is 80~85 cm; generally, there should be

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Marble countertop maintenance


The marble looks beautiful, so it is often used for floors, countertops, mantels, tabletops, and other countertops that require decorative and robustness. However, people have gradually realized the defects of marble, that is, it is easily scratched, discolored, stained, and leaves permanent scars. Even so, the charm of marble is unstoppable. It is incomparable. If

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