With the improvement of people’s decoration aesthetics, the stone is increasingly used in building decoration materials. Among the various types of stone, marble is a very popular one. Its structure is uniform, it is not easy to deform, and it has high hardness and strong wear resistance, so it is not easy to scratch. So, what are the characteristics of marble countertops?

resealing marble

resealing marble vanity tops

1. No deformation, high hardness, and strong wear resistance.
After a long period of natural aging, the rock has a uniform structure, a very small linear expansion coefficient, and a complete disappearance of internal stress without deformation. The made tabletop is hard in texture, has the super anti-scratch ability, good abrasion resistance, and the texture is very beautiful, it is not afraid of acid and alkali liquid, it will not rust, does not need to be oiled, it is not easy to stick to dust, and it is maintained at the same time, The maintenance is convenient and simple, and the service life is long.

2. Anti-abrasion, high-temperature resistance, and maintenance-free.
Good rigidity, high hardness, strong wear resistance, low-temperature deformation. There will be no scratches, it is not blocked by constant temperature conditions, and its original physical properties can be maintained at room temperature.

3. Physically stable and well-organized.
The impacted grains fall off, the surface does not have burrs, does not affect its plane accuracy, the material is stable, can guarantee long-term non-deformation, the linear expansion coefficient is small, the mechanical accuracy is high, rust-proof, anti-magnetic, and insulation. It is not magnetized, can move smoothly during measurement, has no sense of stagnation, is not affected by moisture, and the plane is weighed well.

4. Low cost.
There are different designs and colors, and the most commonly used ones are relatively reasonable in price, which is a kind of economical countertop material. At the same time, the color is rich and easy to cut or engrave. Among them, the relatively high-end natural stone countertops are suitable for people who pursue high taste.

The marble countertop has attracted the attention of consumers with its gorgeous appearance and very practical features. Different from other architectural stones, each piece of marble countertop has a different texture. The marble with clear and curved texture is smooth and delicate, bright and fresh, like a visual feast that brings you time and time again. It can be installed in the living room. Set off the living room more elegant and generous.

marble kitchen top

Italy Carrara white marble kitchen top

There are several rules for distinguishing the pros and cons of marble countertops:
First: Visually observe that the color of the sample is pure and not turbid, the surface has no plastic-like texture, and there are no small pores on the back of the plate.

Second: No pungent chemical smell in the nose.

Third: The surface of the sample touched by hand has a silky feel, no astringency, and no obvious unevenness.

Fourth: Scratch the surface of the board with a nail without obvious scratches.

Fifth: The same two samples are knocked against each other and are not easily broken.

formica calacatta marble

formica calacatta marble countertops