The problem of marble countertop fracture is very common in home life, and even some newly paved countertops break before normal use. Residents generally think that this is caused by the poor quality of marble. In fact, the fracture of marble countertops cannot all be attributed to material quality problems, and the stone paving process during decoration may also be the “culprit” leading to its fracture.

arabescus white marble

Arabescus white marble countertops

Most people think that if you can choose better quality natural marble for decoration, you can avoid the countertop from breaking. In fact, it is not uncommon for countertops made of high-quality stone to break during home use. It is understood that in the process of using marble to decorate the room, choosing the right stone is only half the success. If the builder is not good at paving technology, it will be futile to buy the best stone. The marbles currently sold on the market are generally divided into two categories according to different production processes, namely natural marble and artificial marble. There is a fiber net at the bottom of artificial marble. Compared with artificial marble, natural marble is harder, but the material is more brittle. Therefore, these two types of marble have stricter requirements for the paving process. If the builders are not skilled enough to make the stone paving uneven, or if the marble is smeared or filled with acidic substances, its load-bearing capacity will be greatly reduced. Regardless of the kind of marble, unreasonable paving of countertops is more likely to break when being squeezed by external forces.

grey and white marble kitchen

grey and white marble kitchen countertops

Marble is widely used in modern decoration. It can be used not only as a countertop for cabinets but also on window sills and thresholds. If you want to avoid the embarrassment of “short-lived” marble countertops, the owner must not only pay attention to the selection of materials when using marble decoration but also cannot ignore the construction process. Be sure to choose skilled and responsible workers for the construction; if the stone sales business is responsible for the construction, remember to sign a complete after-sales guarantee agreement with the business, and the two parties agree that “whether the stone is broken due to material quality problems or construction process problems The situation is the responsibility of the merchant”.

white granite countertops that look like marble

white granite countertops that look like marble