Travertine is a kind of limestone, which is a softer stone, so it is also easily scratched. When cutting, put on a cutting board to prevent travertine from being scratched, and put a mat under the utensil to reduce possible scratches.

travertine table

travertine table tops

Travertine is a more porous countertop material like limestone, so it is extremely easy to be stained. Use a penetrating sealant to seal before installation, which helps prevent staining. Mats, trays, etc. should be placed under the drinking utensils. Remove stains (juice, wine, oil, cream, cosmetics, and water stains) in time. We recommend that you seal it regularly to prevent staining.

Travertine, like marble and other calcareous stones, has weak acid resistance. Therefore, avoid acidic substances and avoid contact with lemon or tomato juice. These will corrode the surface of the limestone, making it dull and the texture blurred. However, don’t worry, remove the stains in time and use the right cleaning agent to avoid them.

travertine end table

travertine end table tops

Travertine, like limestone and marble, can also be burned. Therefore, avoid placing high-temperature utensils directly on the limestone countertop. Use a tripod or mat to protect the travertine surface.

travertine top coffee table

travertine top coffee table tops