From adobe to bare bricks, to cement and ceramic tiles, to the current granite, solid artificial stone, the material life of the people has made rapid progress. As far as the materials used for kitchen countertops are concerned, the citizens use the two types the most. , One is a stove made of natural stone, and the other is a stove made of artificial stone. Tile-paved stoves are rare, let alone the adobe, bare brick, and cement stoves that we have seen and used in the past.

Both solid artificial stone and granite are very popular kitchen countertop materials. How should consumers choose from them? This is generally determined by the perception of consumers and the influence of professional designers.

The relevant consumer survey also informed us about the respective characteristics, advantages, and possible disadvantages of the two materials, and we can make a wise choice after understanding the detailed information. The following is a comparison between solid artificial stone and granite, which can help you choose the countertop material that best meets your requirements.

quartz countertops that look like concrete

Pure white quartz countertops that look like concrete

Four independent research companies recently conducted a survey in the United States. It showed that consumers rated solid artificial stone higher than granite in terms of effectiveness and value. They consistently gave the solid artificial stone a higher score, pointing out that solid artificial stone has the best Traits.

In the survey, it was found that 98% of people who currently use solid artificial stone surface materials at home said that they would buy this material again if necessary. Among those who have used granite paving materials, only 52% said they would consider buying granite again.

Comparison of the characteristics of solid stone and granite
The joints of the solid artificial stone surface material are smooth and unobtrusive, so there will be no unsightly and dirt-holding joints. The seams of dark granite are almost invisible, but on light-colored granite worktops, the seams will be obvious. A similar situation also occurs in the cement joints connecting the tiles.

The solid artificial stone material can be cut into unique shapes and arcs, complex edge shapes, tailor-made countertop drainage channels, and heat insulation racks. Solid artificial stones of various colors can also be easily inlaid with each other or with other materials, resulting in an excellent countertop effect. Solid artificial stone has a variety of colors and textures, including several different shades of natural color and light color series, which are suitable for the bright and clean style of today’s general kitchen, and the color, style, and tone are consistent and unified.

The design of granite is not as varied as the artificial stone, the shape of the edge is limited, and the inlay with other materials will increase the unsightly joints. Granite is mainly in dull color, with few light-colored options. The tone and texture of granite change frequently, and the color of the product may be different from the selected sample.

The solid stone slab can be combined with the sink by the seamless splicing method of the under-counter basin. The appearance is smooth, there is no seam, and there is no disc edge recess to hide dirt. At the same time, the curved rear water retaining design eliminates difficult-to-clean joints. The granite countertop can also be installed with the under-counter basin splicing method, but there will be gaps in it, which will easily contain water and dirt; and granite generally does not have arc-shaped rear water retaining design, because at least one obvious seam is required.

The solid stone has a strong and obvious translucency, it is smooth and comfortable to the touch, like leather and wood, exuding a warm and inviting feeling. Granite is also very smooth, but it feels a bit cold and hard to the touch, like glass.

dupont quartz countertops

China Dupont quartz countertops

Cleaning and maintenance
Artificial stone is easy to clean up, as long as it is cleaned up with soap or a little decontamination powder; its non-porous material prevents moisture from penetrating, does not accumulate stains, and does not breed mold and bacteria. Because the solid stone is clean and hygienic, the operating room of the hospital is willing to use it, and it is listed on the list of the National Sanitation Foundation.

Granite needs frequent repairs because this material is porous and needs to be coated with a non-permanent surface sealant to prevent stains. Granite is difficult to clean, and it is not easy to prevent mold and bacteria from remaining on small cracks and pits on the surface. Most soaps or scouring powders cannot be used to clean granite because they will cause stains and must be cleaned carefully with chemicals from the granite supplier. If the scale stays on the granite surface, it will be difficult to remove, and sometimes it will cause wear and tear.

Solid artificial stone is an advanced composite, made of natural minerals and pigments mixed with methyl methacrylate, it is difficult to cause permanent wear. Because its colors and patterns are spread throughout the thickness of the entire material, it can be completely refurbished. Concave lines, nicks, or scratches can be easily removed with ordinary scouring powder, scouring pad, or fine polishing paper. To prevent the solid stone from being damaged by heat, heat insulation racks or ceramic tiles can be inserted on the countertop to form a safe place for lacing hot utensils.

Granite is generally considered strong and durable, but the cracks, natural cracks, and impurities in the granite will cause weak parts, and these parts sometimes even crack the granite countertops. Granite is generally not easy to scratch, but once pits, nicks, and scratches appear, it is difficult to remove. In addition, ordinary consumers have the illusion that they can put the hot container directly on the granite. In fact, this is not advisable, because heat will destroy the protective layer on the surface, making the granite easy to stain.

Comparison of solid artificial stone and granite (for kitchen workbench)
The following is a comparison of the main characteristics and advantages that designers and consumers focus on when choosing kitchen countertop materials. As a result, among the 18 characteristics and advantages, solid stone scores equal or higher than granite in 16 items.

quartz countertops with gold veins

China quartz countertops with gold veins

In terms of excellent image and high value when reselling, both materials have been highly evaluated. In the unified grade/quality, better installation and maintenance support, integrated kitchen sink (no concavity on the side of the pan to hide dirt), smooth and firm and inconspicuous seams, endless changes in edge treatment, easy repair, and In addition, the curved rear water-retaining design (no filling lines/seams), colored inlay decorations, excellent anti-fouling performance (on the whole), a variety of monochrome options, and customized integrated countertops Among the 14 items of the sink, easy modification on the spot, heatable bending and high overall design flexibility, solid stone scores significantly higher than granite. In heat resistance and scratch resistance, granite scores higher than solid stone.

In the market, more and more solid stone countertops are chosen for kitchen countertops, but the total number is still a minority compared to granite countertop users.