Long-term use of sandstone countertops will be worn out, and they will be damaged if they are not properly cleaned in time. Here are some good daily cleaning methods to help keep your sandstone countertops shiny and shiny.

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If you want to maintain the beautiful appearance, luster, texture, and function of sandstone, then you need some special care.

Many people think that sandstone is a hard stone without any care. However, it is not. Sandstone also has weaknesses, such as porosity. The porosity allows sandstone to absorb water easily. Once the stone has absorbed water, it may cause discoloration and chemical staining. These spots usually become an integral part of the stone. So it needs to be well protected and properly cared for. Do not use any type of cleaning agent and cleaning technique.

With slight negligence, these cleaners can cause some serious errors. Therefore, check the label on the product and test it before use. Once it is found to have adverse effects, immediately stop using it.

Once the countertop is sealed, it can be cleaned with some simple cleaning methods. Sealing after installation is very important to the surface of the countertop. Sealing will make it last for many years. Be very careful when working on sandstone countertops.

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Yellow sandstone countertop in bathroom

Wipe away spills in time. Do not leave spills on the surface for a long time. Daily cleaning should insist on using neutral detergents and mild odorless detergents. You can also use a mild dishwashing detergent.

Do not use acid cleaners. These cleaners will corrode and damage the polished surface.

Rinse thoroughly frequently. Do not leave cleaning agents on the surface. Before cleaning, use a soft brush to remove stains. If you find stubborn stains, don’t scratch them. Clean again.

Occasionally a deep clean is necessary. Use a neutral detergent. Sanitary ware designed for deep cleaning can be purchased. Don’t forget to remove the dirt with a soft brush. Do not wipe off the cleaner immediately. Finally, remember to rinse thoroughly, this step is very important.

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Be cautious when choosing cleaners. The following are some tips.
a) The sandstone cleaner must be neutral.
b) The cleaning agent must not contain acidic substances. They can damage polished and polished surfaces.
c) When using a vacuum cleaner with metal fittings, pay special attention not to scratch the table.
d) Do not use scouring powder or grease products. Because these products contain abrasives that can scratch the surface.
e) Do not put a tray on the glass.
f) Do not put hot tableware directly on the sandstone countertop. It is best to place a tripod or mat under the cutlery.