Quartz stone is a brittle polymer composite material. It also has the characteristics of thermal expansion and contraction. It also has certain mechanical properties such as shrinkage force, impact toughness, and elongation at break. When the plate cannot withstand the internal stress caused by thermal expansion and contraction Cracking occurs when severe external impacts occur. Winter is the season when countertop joints crack. The other is the flatness of the cabinet. The cabinet should be adjusted to a uniform level when installing on the table. After a period of use, the cabinet should be checked and adjusted to avoid the deformation of the cabinet during use and the cracking of the countertop.

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How to repair it after cracking?

First, use an angle grinder to cut the joints. If the gap is large, you can take the required size sliver from the bottom of the table. After polishing, insert the incision, use the manufacturer’s original glue line to splice and polish it. The splicing cracks cannot be directly repaired with other glues (marble glue, glass glue), it will crack again after a short time, which is time-consuming, costly, and laborious. It is best to use the original resin glue of the board manufacturer. Specific steps are as follows:

Tool list

As the saying goes, “Workers must first sharpen their tools if they want to do well.” Before the operation, please prepare the following tools:

Speed ​​adjustable angle grinder, glass grinding disc, stone cutting disc, bowl-shaped emery cutting disc, resin grinding disc (water grinding disc), tray, self-painting (varnish), wool felt, stone wax, flapper, sponge grinding wheel, 502 glue, 95% alcohol, white towel, paper cup, art blade, backstop.

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(The following operation applies to the used countertop)

Step 1: Angle grinder cut the groove (note the line type and depth).

Step 2: Slice and polish the angle and insert into the slot (note that it must be the same batch as the countertop repair material, and it must be seamlessly attached)

Step 3: Arrange the slices and apply glue (place them in order)

Step 4: Grind the slices (after the glue is completely dry)

Step 5: Water polishing (pay attention to the use of polishing pads), and clean the countertops and kitchen in time (this item greatly increases customer satisfaction)

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