Slate has many advantages. Its shape is unique, and its available range is wider than some other stones. It is also an excellent high-end material that can add art and beauty to the home.

Warm appearance
Slate has an unparalleled warm texture and texture. Slate is usually regarded as rich in rustic or rustic style. Its surface texture comes from the composition and mining of shale, the method of separating slate ore, and finally forming its cracked surface characteristics.

Surprisingly, this stone is quite cheap. The price of a slate slab is equivalent to that of a cheap granite slab. Slate tiles, from the smallest mosaic to 2-foot tiles, are often less expensive than many ceramic tiles.

slate countertop cost

Factory slate countertop cost

Color change
From the vivid stone names, we can almost imagine the beauty and poetry of this stone, such as Indian autumn, California gold, Chinese lotus, violet garden, ocean green, bronze, rust, and earth, etc.

The exotic, colorful slate is imported from overseas because the local slate lacks deep gray, green, and cyan tones. India, Africa, China, and South America produce some of the most vivid and bright shades. It is not uncommon to find plant fossils on the surface of the slate. If so, these natural works of art can be used as the focal point of the design.

Finishes and textures of slate countertops
The division of surface finishes and textures increases the versatility of this stone. These include natural cracking, polishing, alignment, and polishing. Slate has standard square tile patterns and mosaics, random slates, and so on.

slate countertop microwave

slate countertop microwave table tops

As a countertop, the slate is very dense and very strong. Acids will not damage the surface, and once sealed, it is almost maintenance-free. When considering using slate as a countertop material, you can choose the least cracked or polished one. Because slate countertops are very soft, it is important that the countertops have rounded edges. Square corners are thinner than round surfaces, so you should pay attention to the edge design when designing the kitchen, which helps to maximize the life of the slate countertop.

Choosing a traditional natural cracked slate will give you an uneven surface, so some treatment is required.

Different types of slates have different price ranges. Black slate is usually the most expensive, followed by red slate. Brown, green, gray, and blue or purple slate is generally used for countertops, so if you choose slate, there are a lot of colors to choose from.

slate countertops pros and cons

Kitchen slate countertops pros and cons

Sealing will ensure that you can use slate with confidence. For the sake of caution, first, choose a sample to test when sealing the entire table. Penetrating sealants usually do not change the appearance of the surface. If you want a darker color, you may need to use an additional topcoat sealant or color enhancer. The finish is matte, low gloss, and high gloss. If you want to maintain the natural appearance of the stone, you must choose a matte finish.