Introduce the basin digging and drilling process in the processing of marble countertops

Open the basin mouth, faucet hole, and installation hole for the under-counter basin on the countertop. The opening is usually made by a machine, and the mouth of the basin is usually opened manually, or the four corners of the washbasin are first opened by an opener and then manually cut.

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Repair is to repair damage (slight unevenness or missing corners, etc.) or other natural defects caused by careless processing. Pay attention to repair with glue that is close to the color of the stone.

Polishing is to polish the smooth surface of the entire countertop. After polishing, the gloss is required to be above 90°. At the same time, the surface becomes a mirror gloss, without unevenness, no wavy lines, and the straightness of the junction is kept in a straight line. The gloss of the edge of the countertop and the top of the washbasin should also be the same as the surface of the sky. It is usually done with a hand grinder. If the effect is good, a large grinder can be used.

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For countertops that are composed of multiple components, they should be patched and repaired, and polished to avoid problems when they wait for the trial.

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