Non-radiation, non-cold, non-breakable-modern technology to strengthen the natural stone

It was once popular to use natural stone to make furniture countertops. Because of the fragility, coldness, and radiation of natural stone, it has gradually withdrawn from the furniture market. Recently, the reporter discovered that the natural stone that was once left out has returned to the furniture and building materials store.

Marble and granite have become the “face” of this type of furniture because of their “beauty”. But no matter how dense the stone is, it is still fragile, cold, and radiant. These problems have been solved in the new stone countertops. Today’s stone has delicate lines, thick and heavy but light. After more than 20 processes such as water milling and polishing, natural stone has become the top grade of the countertop material: transparent UV paint or unsaturated resin paint coating, shiny and bright, completely retaining the natural pattern and color of the stone; paint coating resists temperature, Can’t feel cool to the touch by hand; high-temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance, no soaking of oil, easy to clean and maintain.

black granite slab

black granite slab for kitchen countertops

Artificial stone countertops are not necessarily environmentally friendly. Many consumers worry that the radioactivity of the stone will affect the body and prefer to choose artificial stone. In fact, this is incorrect.

According to experts, in addition to the symbiosis of natural marble with radioactive elements such as uranium ore, the general radioactivity is relatively small, even far less than that of mobile phones. Artificial stone is mostly made of crushed stone as filler, cement plaster, and unsaturated polyester resin as binder, which is formed by stirring, grinding, and polishing. The formaldehyde, benzene, and other substances contained in the adhesive used in the processing will cause the stone to contain harmful gases. Therefore, consumers must carefully choose artificial stone countertops, even natural stone, it is best to choose products that have passed the radiological test.

black pearl leathered granite

black pearl leathered granite kitchen countertops

How to choose a good natural stone?

Generally speaking, a good stone structure is very uniform and has a fine texture; while the coarse-grained and unequal-grained stones not only have a poor appearance but also have slightly poorer quality and are easy to crack. Secondly, the naturally generated stone will produce some fine cracks due to the influence of geological action, which also affects the quality and beauty of the furniture, and you still need to pay attention when choosing it. Finally, knock on the surface of the stone to listen to the sound. A good stone has a dense and uniform interior without obvious micro-cracks. The sound of knocking sounds crisp and sweet; while a poor-quality stone will sound rough due to the micro-cracks inside.

Stones should be maintained. Be cautious when cleaning with cleaning and disinfecting agents. The cleaning agent contains chemical substances such as acid and alkali that have a great impact on natural stone. It will have an adverse reaction to the surface color and internal mineral composition of the stone, destroying the smoothness of the stone surface, so clean the stone. The surface should use a cleaning agent with a neutral pH value. You can regularly clean the surface with rice water or furniture cleaner to maintain the luster and brightness of the stone surface. If oily materials such as ink are stained, you can use a soft cloth dipped in soapy water or 75% alcohol to wipe repeatedly to remove it.

If the lacquer on the stone surface is scalded and corroded by acid and alkaline substances, it can be wiped lightly with a soft cloth dipped in alcohol; if there are burn marks on cigarette butts and match heads, fine sandpaper can be used to polish away the burn marks. After the above conditions are treated, polished wax can be restored to be new.

backsplash with black granite

backsplash with black granite kitchen countertops

Finally, I would like to remind you that some are called natural jade, whether it is unicorn jade, phoenix jade, red dragon jade, or rosin jade… In fact, they are not real jade, but a kind of natural stone. Don’t be misled.