From environmentally-friendly glass to refined stone, from polymer to metal paint, the protagonists of various materials have appeared on the stage, opening the prelude to a new era of kitchen life.

granite countertops with white cabinets

White granite countertops with white cabinets

Material protagonist: glass
The door panel is made of glass, which perfectly reflects the texture and level. The glass door panel is matched with teak wood and bright wood grain, and the overall design and image are full of rationality and wisdom. The tasteful wine rack highlights the owner’s fashion and pursuit and adds to the whole space.

light granite countertops

China light granite countertops

Material protagonist: natural stone
The simple lines show the rich heart of a man growing up; the tossing texture reveals the physical and mental experience of life. More often, a simple appearance can perfectly interpret the extraordinary spirit. In the modern minimalist style, the natural texture of the stone is maximized. The texture of each line of stone is proof of the accumulation of time from hundreds to thousands of years. Every texture is a legend, noble and profound.

types of granite countertops

Natural types of granite countertops

Material protagonist: high molecular polymer
Standing next to the T-shaped peninsula, count the happiness between your fingers; open the door, greetings are always warm promises; unscrew the sweet box, happiness spreads; click on the fashion quality to expand the aesthetic space. Whitewood grain high molecular polymer door panel, super abrasion resistance, stable use, and guarantee. The door panel is equipped with an aluminum alloy profile, which adds a sense of extension to the cabinet. The layout of the T-shaped peninsula, with its own bar, is perfect for cooking and resting.