Stone is widely used in architectural decoration, but natural stone is expensive and limited in quantity. Artificial stone is called the best substitute. However, we cannot ignore the maintenance of artificial stone because it is not as noble as natural stone. Artificial stone also needs to do some maintenance work in daily maintenance, which can not only extend the life of the stone, but more importantly, it can reflect elegance and brightness.

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1. Most stains will not pose a threat to artificial stone
Artificial stone is a solid, pore-free dense stone material, which has the characteristics of resisting various stains. Food, edible oil, soy sauce, vinegar, alcohol, iodine, lemon oil, lipstick, shoe polish, ink, etc. Stone does not pose a threat, its durability is very good, easy to maintain without waxing and cost-saving characteristics make it widely used in homes and commercial spaces.

2. Daily cleaning
Water stains or a small number of stains can be removed immediately by scrubbing with a damp cloth and adding a small amount of household detergent or soapy water. If it is severely stained or cut, wipe it with household decontamination powder and tea gourd cloth to maintain its surface gloss.

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3. Strong stains, cigarette butts burns, or a few cuts
Use sandpaper and water to remove stains or cuts, and polish with glazing wax. For more serious damage, please contact the artificial stone processing factory, they have the skills and equipment to repair the scars.

4. A brand new look
As the artificial stone is a solid material, the surface and the inside are the same. After several years, the way to keep the artificial stone looking new is to polish the surface again, and it will immediately restore its original appearance.

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