There are many aspects to consider when choosing materials suitable for home kitchen countertops: design, color, price, practicality, installation, and most importantly, hygiene. The food we usually buy may be seriously contaminated by some disease-causing microorganisms, so kitchen utensils are very important in ensuring food safety. Kitchen countertops must be thoroughly cleaned after contact with raw food, otherwise, it may cause cross-infection, and people may become sick after eating virus-infected food.

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The technology and management medical institution released the latest research report on the cleaning of countertops in the St. Paul area of ​​Minnesota, USA. The agency selects materials, studies, and provides data and reports for the food retail industry. This particular study determined the 6 most widely used cleanable countertops: thin slabs, wood slabs, ceramic tiles, concrete slabs, stainless steel slabs, and marble slabs.

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The results of the study showed that the results of various infected countertops after washing with soap and water and anti-bacterial treatment with water and vinegar were not the same. Granite’s anti-bacterial regeneration ability ranks second, second only to stainless steel. When you choose a soft natural material, it must not only have high aesthetic value but also have a strong antibacterial ability, so granite is the best choice.