In the days to come, we will provide you with a little knowledge in the decoration construction and building materials purchase, and the vernacular interpretation, do not ask you to become experts, just to avoid being fooled.

Customers are not experts in the industry, and it is difficult to avoid the influence of merchants when shopping or subjectively judge product performance based on past experience. As a result, the products purchased often differ from expectations.

Quartz stone is an artificial stone.

yellow quartz countertops

Light yellow quartz countertops

When buying kitchen countertops, many people have heard the introduction of the shopping guide: “This is artificial stone, this is quartz stone.”

It feels like quartz stone countertops should be natural stone different from artificial stone, and the price of quartz stone is generally higher than that of artificial stone. But in fact, quartz stone countertops are also a kind of artificial stone.

The artificial stone currently used for home decoration mainly includes artificial quartz stone, artificial marble/granite, solid surface material (ordinary artificial stone), and other materials.

Artificial quartz stone is made by adding quartz sand, quartz stone powder, and resin, and then pressurizing and vacuuming. It is characterized by high hardness and strong stain resistance and can be used for kitchen, bathroom countertops, or floor decoration.

quartz kitchen

quartz kitchen countertops

Many quartz countertops on the market look very natural stone color, and the colors are rich, and also very confusing, but the quartz stone itself should be colorless and transparent, and all the colors seen on the market are artificially added.

Some manufacturers will add broken glass materials during the production process to make the entire stone look very shiny, but this only changes the appearance and has no effect on the actual quality.

ikea quartz

OEM ikea quartz countertops