The Calacatta quartz’s price, to EDG Stone, no, it is not expensive.

calacatta quartz countertops price

Calacatta quartz is a popular natural stone material choice for kitchen countertops and other surfaces. The striking white and gray veining of the stone gives an elegant and classic look to any space, and it is a great option if you’re looking for a distinctive yet timeless look. However, the cost of Calacatta quartz can be a major factor in determining if it fits into your overall home remodeling budget.

The price of Calacatta quartz is usually determined by a few factors. The primary factor is the quality of the stone. Calacatta quartz can come in a variety of grades, ranging from A-grade to B-grade, with A-grade being the more expensive and higher quality. Additionally, the texture and pattern of the quartz can add to the cost. If the quartz is more intricate with larger and denser veining, then the price tag may be higher than a slab with smaller, more subtle veins. The total area of the project also affects the price — larger surfaces require more material, so the cost is typically higher.

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The cost of Calacatta quartz is generally on the higher end compared to other types of natural stone materials. Depending on the grade of the material and how much is needed for the project, average Calacatta quartz countertops can range anywhere from $75 to $200 per square foot.

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In conclusion, the cost of Calacatta quartz countertops is significant and depends on a variety of factors, but in general, they are on the more expensive side compared to other types of natural stone materials. Although the initial expense may be high, Calacatta quartz is an amazing material that adds real beauty and value to any space, making it well worth investing in.