Stone sinks are one of the most popular kitchen sink types. Like the aluminum sink, the function and appearance of the stone sink also meet the needs of most consumers. The stone sink is made of hard surface material.

lowes bathroom sinks

Shanxi Black lowes bathroom sinks

The sink made of hard surface material can give people a soft and warm feeling because they are seamlessly connected. This also makes the cleaning of the stone sink easier and more convenient, because the kitchen oil is not easy to penetrate.

The stone sink is made of stones such as quartz, granite, or slate, which are not easily scratched. The way to check whether the stone sink is made of stone is to scrape the sink with a paper clip. Real stone sinks can resist this kind of scratching.

trough sink

Black granite trough sink

Clay sinks are one of the most durable stone sinks. They have a service life of up to 20 to 30 years. This sink is composed of quartz and feldspar. Therefore, clay sinks are more expensive.

In terms of appearance, the soapstone sink is the most beautiful. The raw materials come from the United States. It is conceivable that this type of sink is the most expensive. But it has all the qualities that consumers demand, durable, stain-resistant and beautiful, and elegant.

There are many sinks available in the market, so you need to study carefully and compare them when you buy them.

vanity sink

Shanxi Black granite vanity sink

The thing to do after selecting the sink is installed. There are many ways to install the sink, the most common is the under-counter basin installation method, which is also the most difficult to install, because they have to solve the problem of the top of the sink, the purpose is to make food or kitchen oil easily drain into the sink.

A good sink is vital to the kitchen. The kitchen sink is the focal point of a kitchen, so choose the most suitable sink. It is the key to the success of the kitchen