Although granite is suitable as a hard material for countertops, it is also expensive. However, despite the high cost of installing granite countertops in the kitchen, they are still the first choice of consumers. Because the beauty and warmth they bring are irreplaceable by other countertops.

The main reason why granite is more expensive than countertops of other materials is the high labor cost. For owners who want to save money on installation, the installation cost of granite countertops cannot be saved. The installation of granite countertops must be carried out by well-trained professionals with specialized equipment. However, the preparatory work and demolition work owners can do it themselves to reduce costs. Before installation, the sink and the old countertop should be completely removed, and other installation work should be done by professionals.

cutting granite countertops

Factory cutting granite countertops

After you customize the granite countertop, the installation company will send someone to accurately measure and make the template. When the template is made, the professionals will tell you all the stitches, but no matter how perfect the stitches are, the fewer stitches the better. In natural stone, straight stitching is obvious. At this time, they will consider whether they need to use special tools to handle the sink and cutting surface.

Before installation, they will install metal rods and plywood on the countertop, which will provide strong support for the sink and corners. This step is very important to prevent cracking when the granite slab is installed. Pay attention to the thickness of the slab during installation to ensure successful installation.

Although you are very careful when cutting the slate, the bottom may also have heights. Therefore, leveling is very important in the preparation process.

The granite slab brought by the installer is about 4-8 feet, 4-12 feet, and three centimeters thick. The tablet may weigh several hundred kilograms, so take care when transporting it. Place it on the table carefully during installation, otherwise, cracks will occur in the future.

baltic brown granite countertops with white cabinets

Antique baltic brown granite countertops with white cabinets

When cutting according to the template, it will be cut with diamonds to ensure accuracy. The seam will be sealed, and the edges and corners will be smoothed to make the whole smooth.

The installer can add the decorations and inlays required by the owner, such as metal materials, or display pure colors alone. Then the installer uses a penetrating sealing machine and polishes the surface to make it smooth. Stone operation technology

The installer will consider the location of power sockets, sinks, and faucets. The thickness of the granite may cause some obstacles. You have to re-adjust these positions or adjust the top of the cabinet and the dishwasher, but you can rest assured that the installer is trained, These modifications will not cause damage to your countertop.

The installation of granite countertops is a technique, and it is best to leave it to an expert. The correct installation can make you have a beautiful and usable home kitchen countertop.

granite countertops price per square foot

Baltic brown granite countertops price per square foot