Ready to work:
Preparatory work is critical to any project, and the same is true for installing bathroom countertops. Wear protective glasses when using power tools.
Before purchasing, measure the size of the space to be installed.
Measure the height and width of the table.

painting bathroom countertops

Natural granite painting bathroom countertops

Measure and mark the height of the countertop to the floor from three different places. Using the tallest mark, draw the width of the countertop on the wall. Draw the table on the left and right sides of the wall. Make sure these lines are vertical and horizontal. Now you can have the preliminary outline of the countertop. Tack at least one tack in the contour area.
Measure the position of the water pipe and mark it on the back of the table.
Dig a pipe hole behind the countertop. Make sure that each water pipe has enough space.

Installation work:
1. Remove the countertop door before installation to avoid damage.
2. Put the cabinet in carefully. Check to see if the edge of the countertop is level.
3. If it is not level, you can put a wooden gasket under the countertop to ensure the level. Check to see if it is vertical.
4. Once the tabletop is level, fix it with nails.
5. Recheck whether the tabletop is level.

lowes bathroom countertops

Prices lowes bathroom countertops

6. Use a chisel and hammer to cut off the excess gasket. Be careful not to damage your floor.
7. Depending on the height of the gasket, the bottom of the cabinet sometimes needs to be cast. Fasten with nails.
8. Fasten the countertop door again.
9. Spray latex along the top edge of the countertop.
10. Place the countertop on the top of the countertop, squeeze the countertop, and let the latex dry completely.
11. Install sinks and other equipment.

laminate bathroom countertops

Granite edges laminate bathroom countertops