Frequent use can cause sandstone countertops to be worn, and improper cleaning can also cause damage. How can we keep sandstone countertops durable? Here are some good cleaning tips for your reference.

If you want to maintain the beautiful appearance, luster, texture, and practicality of sandstone, then you have to take special care measures.

Many people think that sandstone is a hard stone, and it does not require maintenance. But in fact, it’s not. Each stone has its own weaknesses, and one of the weaknesses of sandstone is its porosity. This porous structure allows moisture to penetrate easily. Once the sandstone absorbs moisture, it causes discoloration and chemical coloration. These spots will become an integral part of the sandstone. Therefore, sandstone requires special care.

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China sandstone countertop kit

1. Do not use any type of cleaning agent or cleaning technique. Improper use of cleaning agents can lead to serious consequences. Therefore, check the label on the cleaner before use and testing. If you notice some adverse reactions, stop using it immediately.

2. If the sandstone countertop has been sealed, some simple cleaning methods can be used to protect it. Sealing is a very important protection step. One seal can last for many years. Be especially careful when using sandstone countertops.

3. Eliminate spills in time. Do not leave it on the sandstone table for a long time. When cleaning sandstone countertops, choose a neutral detergent or a colorless and odorless detergent. You can also choose to use mild dishwashing liquid.

4. Do not use acidic cleaners. This cleaner will corrode the polished sandstone surface.

5. Wash sandstone countertops and grouting places frequently. Do not put the cleaner on the sandstone countertop. If there is no prior cleaning, use a soft brush to remove the residue. If there are stains that cannot be removed by brushing, do not scratch. Repeatable cleaning.

6. Perform deep cleaning occasionally. Deep cleaning also requires the use of neutral detergents. You can buy cleaning tools designed for deep cleaning. Use a soft brush to remove stubborn residue. Do not wipe off the detergent immediately after being sprayed. Finally, it is very important to rinse the countertop thoroughly.

sandstone countertops vs granite

Natural sandstone countertops vs granite

Note the following suggestions:
a) Sandstone cleaner must be neutral.

b) The cleaning agent must not contain acid or citrus acid. These components can damage the luster of the sandstone surface.

c) Be careful when using vacuum cleaners with metal attachments. These attachments can scratch the sandstone surface.

d) Do not try scrubbing powder or scrubbing cream, these products contain abrasives that will scratch the sandstone surface.

e) Avoid using trays under the glass.

f) Do not place high-temperature utensils directly on the sandstone table. It’s best to use a cushion.

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