Many people may think that the maintenance of granite is very complicated and costly. In fact, the maintenance method of granite is very simple, almost without too much effort, very few requirements, or even no preventive measures. The penetration of grease or residual oil stains is the biggest killer of the beauty of granite, but this kind of love will only happen when the granite is not waxed, or if the grease or residual oil stains penetrate into the granite, wipe it overnight or after a long time. If the granite surface becomes dark and dull due to the penetration of oil or oil stains, some paste-like cleaners can remove the stains and restore the luster of the granite surface.

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Maintenance and prevention
The granite tabletop needs a cushion to put the bottles on it, especially the bottles with wine or citrus juice. Many of our common food and beverages contain acidic substances, which will corrode the surface of these stones.

Do not put very hot items directly on the surface of granite furniture. Hot dishes should be placed on cushions. Use tripods or cushions for porcelain, pottery, silverware, or other things that may scratch the surface of the furniture.

Watermarks and stains
If there are stains, wipe them dry with paper immediately. If it is not wiped dry immediately, the stain will spread. First scrub with a mild soap with clean water, then rinse several times with water and finally wipe dry with a soft cloth. Repeat the scrub several times if necessary. If the stain is still there, use other methods to remove it.

Removal of stains
Recognizing the type of stains on the surface of the stone is the key to removing stains. If you don’t know what caused the stain, check and judge. Where is the stain? Near plates, food storage, or close to cosmetics? What color is the stain? What shape or look is it? What does the area next to the stain do?

The stains on the stone surface can usually be removed with appropriate cleaning products or household chemicals. Infiltration of stains or stubborn stains may require a cream cleaner. If necessary, you can re-polish.

The following describes the types of stains you may encounter, what household chemicals to use, and how to prepare and use paste cleaners to remove stains.

Types of stains and damage
Oil stains (grease, tar, cooking oil, milk, cosmetics)
Organic pollution (coffee, tea, fruit stains, tobacco, paper, food, urine, leaves, bark, etc.)
Metal (iron, rust, copper, bronze)
Microbial contamination (algae, mold, moss, moss, fungus)
Ink (magic pen, fountain pen, ink)
Water stains
Fireworks damage
Corroded marks
Scratches and nicks

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How to avoid scratches and scratches on granite?
Sealed granite countertops
Granite countertops are porous materials, improper care, they are easily scratched and scratched. The curing agent can form a protective layer on the countertop to protect the granite countertop. This protective layer also makes the granite surface very smooth and shiny. The granite countertop manufacturer will reseal the countertop in front of the selling counter. But as time goes by, this protective layer will gradually wear out, so it is necessary to re-seal the countertop regularly. You can also buy some curing agent products from the manufacturer to cure granite countertops. Be sure to consult the manufacturer that sells granite countertops, because different manufacturers have different curing agent products.

Avoid using sharp objects on granite countertops
Granite countertops are often used for food preparation. Cutting things directly on the countertop will damage the countertop and even leave unsightly scratches. A chopping board is used to protect the granite countertops when cutting food. You can also install a wooden cutting board on the granite countertop. If this method does not work, then you can cut something on a non-granite countertop. If it is unavoidable to cut something on the granite countertop, then the movement should be light when cutting.

Avoid dragging kitchen equipment from granite countertops
Kitchen equipment such as mixers, food processors, stoves, and mixers are heavy equipment. They may have sharp edges inside, which can scratch or scratch the granite countertops. To avoid this situation, do not drag heavy objects on the granite countertops. If the kitchen equipment is too heavy, ask someone to lift it up or put a foam pad on the bottom. The foam pad is very helpful for moving objects and also avoids leaving scratches on the countertop.

Clean the granite countertops after each use. Things left over when preparing food can scratch the granite countertops. Clean the countertop with a neutral soap and water solution to ensure that there are no harmful particles on the countertop. In addition, use a sponge instead of abrasive products to clean the countertop to reduce scratches.

Among all-natural stone flooring materials, granite is by far the hardest and most wear-resistant material. At the same time, it is also anti-fouling and anti-acid, and alkali, so it is widely used in kitchen countertops and floor materials. Although granite is hard, it can still be scratched by quartz. Quartz is the main component of the sand that enters the room through the sole of the shoe. The movement of people crushes the sand particles and turns them into smaller particles. When the particles are pressed on the surface of the granite, it will cause fine scratches. The impact of such scratches on granite is much less than that on marble.

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Correct maintenance and care can reduce this damage. The typical way to care for granite floors is to remove dust every day, clean the floor once or twice a week according to the flow of people, and use stone soap when cleaning. Reseal the floor to maintain the color of the floor. Then use the wet dusting method to clean the floor with clean water, which is also called wet dusting, which can prevent water stains. Once a week or every few weeks, it depends on the flow of people on the floor. It can eliminate fine scratches and repair the gloss of the floor that has been dimmed in high-traffic areas. It can be polished annually with abrasives and electric low-frequency buffers with stainless steel wire. If this step is done, then the luster of the granite can be maintained longer. If you ignore the floor care and clean it improperly, it will gradually become dimmed, and the scratches will become obvious, increasing the dimming effect. If this is a marble floor, the scratches will be larger and the floor may need to be replaced. The luster can be restored with a polishing machine and diamond abrasive. However, the success rate of secondary grinding granite is very low. It can be reground with diamond technology to make it shiny, but in many cases, the color of granite will change, which is obviously unacceptable to customers.

Re-grind, if it is marble, it takes about 30 minutes per square meter. For granite, it takes about 2-3 hours because it is relatively hard.

In the processing plant, it takes about 40 minutes to polish the marble to achieve a high gloss effect. Granite takes several hours to achieve the same effect. Once the granite is in trouble, this method can only be used.   Therefore, if you have a granite floor, but it has become dim, you can ask someone to grind it to restore its luster. It is not troublesome. But although the luster of the floor is restored, it has changed color, and it also costs you a part of the money, so you need to maintain it carefully so that this problem will not occur.