Cultural marble countertops are made of crushed marble, resin, calcium carbonate, pigments, and other materials. It turns out that this kind of cultural stone is tougher and easier to repair than marble countertops. When cleaning the marble bathroom, everyone who has used it will admire this kind of cultural stone countertops.

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Choose countertops for bathroom decoration. Cultural marble countertops are the most popular choice material. Compared with marble countertops, cultural marble has great advantages in color and price. Housewives may find cultural marble countertops compared to other stone countertops. More benefits.

When decorating cultural marble countertops, sometimes only pure colors can achieve the desired effect. Refinish the surface to achieve the style you like. If you repeat the repair several times without causing serious damage, the cultural marble countertop is easy to repair.

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Porous marble tends to become very sensitive to stains, scratches, and damage. On the contrary, cultural marble countertops have good resistance to these substances. It only requires a small amount of cost to maintain, not like marble countertops. To add a protective film. You can ask the painter to paint your cultural marble countertops with mixed or pure colors to increase the protective effect.

For some slight scratches, stains, and other discolored stains, you can wipe them off with sandpaper.

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The materials for making cultural marble have been continuously improved over the years, and the cultural stones made a few years ago are only a bit like real cultural marble. Nowadays, it is difficult for many people to distinguish cultural stone from real marble. Only by cutting off the surface layer can the difference between the two be clearly distinguished.