Step one

How do you judge which countertop is best for your kitchen? The first step is to choose the material. You can choose a variety of countertops with different surfaces. The more common is polished high-gloss countertops. Polishing is more used for non-smooth surfaces, the purpose is to make them smooth. Fire can create a textured surface. Rolling can produce round edges, suitable for farm kitchens. There is also a matte surface, which is not as smooth as polishing. There are many things to consider when looking at materials, such as the advantages, disadvantages, price, cleanliness, the scope of application, and so on.

agate countertop

Red agate countertop

Step two

Wood: The best wood for countertops is black mahogany. The surface is very good, and it has a heat resistance and antifouling properties. Its price is more expensive, but its beauty is also timeless. If you want a wooden countertop, but there are financial constraints, then you can choose to use it only on the surface or on both sides. Avoid contact with the sink, as water will penetrate in. Wood will not dull the blade, but it will leave knife marks. Sanding or re-oiling can eliminate knife marks. Wood can serve as a convenient, built-in chopping board. Cleaning: Apply non-toxic mineral oil regularly. Do not use harsh cleaning agents. About $10-$40 per square inch.

Step three

Soapstone: Soapstone is durable and beautiful. It will not be scorched or stained, and only requires simple care. As time goes by, it will not dim. If you like dark colors, apply mineral oil to produce richer colors. Many people choose to use soapstone in order to change the kitchen style. Cleaning: The stone is a natural product. You only need to drop a few drops of neutral detergent, stone soap, or mild dishwashing liquid when cleaning. Avoid products and scrubbing pads that contain abrasives, citric acid, vinegar, or other acidic ingredients. The price per square foot is about $70-$100. Top-of-the-line boards can reach $300 per square foot.

marble bathroom countertops

Calacatta white marble bathroom countertops

Step Four

Marble: Marble is really beautiful. But the marble will be stained. Some people think that dying is part of aging and does not affect the elegance of marble. Marble has a classic, timeless, and beautiful appearance, which is timeless. The marble is smooth and cold, and it is ideal for mixing on top. However, it also has disadvantages. Compared with granite, it has lower durability and requires more frequent sealing to prevent staining. The price per square foot is about $70-$100. Premium materials can reach $300.

granite kitchen tops

Natural granite kitchen tops

Step Five

Polished granite: Polished granite is very popular because it is an upgraded version of polished granite. Granite is too modern for a classic-style kitchen. It is best to use granite in modern designs. The granite surface is very durable and scratch-resistant. You can cut things on the granite, or put the high-temperature tableware directly on it. Because stones are permeable, each stone needs a special seal. However, granite has very weak water absorption and only needs to be sealed once a year.