Many homeowners are confused when it comes to choosing a company to buy granite countertops. You can have many choices like retailers, manufacturers, distributors, and contractors. So how to save money when buying granite countertops?

granite countertops near me

granite countertops near me

step 1
Find a local manufacturer in your area. You can find it through the Internet or local business yellow pages. Don’t buy through retailers, distributors, or contractors, because they are just an intermediary between the homeowner and the manufacturer.

Step 2
Draw the specifications and dimensions of the granite countertops on paper, fax, or email them to the local manufacturer, and leave your contact information.

granite kitchen countertops

Natural granite kitchen countertops

Step 3
Once you have received the quotation and you are satisfied with the price, visit the local stone supplier and select the granite slab that suits your needs.

In addition, some choices need to be made: the style of the sink, the edge contour, the cantilever structure, the rear splash plate, and the thickness of the granite (the kitchen standard is 3 cm).

Step 4
Finally, determine the date of installation and complete the agreement with the manufacturer.

granite countertop

China granite countertop