Granite is favored by more and more families for its wear resistance and oil resistance. Granite countertops have also become the first choice for natural stone countertops in the kitchen. However, granite kitchen countertops are expensive, and maintenance and replacement costs are also high. The installation of granite countertops is not suitable for DIY, it requires the professional skills of professional installers.

Before installing the granite countertops, remove the old countertops, sinks, and stoves. This work can be done by the owner himself. Next, order granite countertops from the granite countertop manufacturer. The manufacturing company will send someone to measure the size of the kitchen floor and cabinets. The installer will also pay attention to the location of electrical sockets. If you need to install some special equipment during the installation of the countertop, the installer will also tell you about how much suture is needed.

granite countertop remnants near me

granite countertop remnants near me

In order to prevent the granite countertop from being damaged, wooden boards and metal rods need to be added during the installation process to ensure that the countertop is level and supports the countertop. At this point, the installer already knows how thick a support plate is needed for granite countertops. After the tabletop is cut, the installation can be started. Sealing at the joints will further protect the granite countertops.

Errors that often occur when installing granite countertops:
Installing granite countertops is similar to installing concrete countertops. The only difference is that granite is more expensive than concrete, so no errors are allowed in the installation process. The smallest error in the measurement can also lead to the failure of the granite countertop installation.

fantasy brown granite countertops

fantasy brown granite countertops

The most common error in the installation of granite countertops is a measurement error. The installer and the owner may remember the measurement data incorrectly, or read the data on the measuring instrument incorrectly. These mistakes will result in the size of the countertops purchased being too large or too small, and even the number of countertops purchased exceeds or falls short of the required quantity.

How to prevent mistakes when installing granite countertops?
Accurate measurement. Since the first step of the installation is measurement, measurement is very important. Therefore, the measuring device must be accurate. Do not use those measuring devices that are obsolete or have errors. If you are not sure about the measurement result, it is best to ask a professional to do the measurement. After all, the granite countertop installer is more experienced than you in this regard.

Conceived and designed the rendering of the granite countertop after installation. And give the renderings to your installer. This helps the installer determine the shape, size, and thickness of the countertop. In this way, the installer does not need to guess what shape and size you want.

wilsonart laminate countertops that look like granite

Wilsonart laminate countertops that look like granite

Trust a professional granite installer. Please note that the installer is more experienced than you in this particular field. You can have preliminary consultations with him to determine what you want and what is feasible. Be sure to communicate with the installer as soon as possible. He can install it according to your idea and put forward some feasible suggestions that can not only improve the appearance of the granite countertop but also improve the overall function.