There are usually two types of granite: slabs and stone bricks, but they were originally cut from huge stones, and these granite stones have a history of millions of years. The cutting of certain types of rocks, especially granite, is done by various means, such as using huge chisels to separate the granite from the surrounding stones. This method loosens the natural joints of the granite, causing it to peel off, such as the Indian Kashmir white granite countertops.

new kashmir white granite

new Kashmir white granite

Cutting at the mine

Once the granite is off the surface, it needs to be cut to the required size. Fret saws are usually used, with a wide range of wire saws, from abrasive sand to alumina to diamond, and water is used as a coolant. Other types of cutting equipment are often used in conjunction. If these are not available, there is only a wire saw. High-pressure water cutting, for example, using a focused high-pressure water stream to cut along a specified cutting line. Once shaped, these granite stones are used as countertops and floor tiles, cut and polished according to the purpose. Inspect granite bricks and slabs to ensure that the granite thickness is consistent and that they are at right angles. The stone bricks should have bevels to smooth the edges. Once this part of the process is completed, it can be used for engineering purposes.

Installation site

Now that the granite countertops or granite stone bricks are ready, you can start the installation. However, some measures must be taken to ensure that the granite surface is suitable for installation. Check the drawings, measure the location to be installed, sinks, and fixtures. For granite slabs, most of the cutting has already been carried out in the mine, including the location of the sink and fixed equipment, and of course, it is sometimes cut on the spot. There will be a lot of dust when cutting granite as a kitchen countertop or bathroom countertop. If there are no major equipment to reduce the dust, it will be a messy job.

Cutting equipment and method

The equipment used by the installer is equipped with a vacuum cleaner attachment, and the portable diamond blade steering saw is one of the primary equipment. This equipment can be used to cut out the location of the sink and fixtures while reducing the confusion caused by cutting granite. When using granite stone bricks as countertops, a drill before installation is a way for the installer to estimate what needs to be cut and how much. Using this method instead of fixing them on the cabinet, the purpose is to determine the size of the sink opening, if you need to be precise.

Sink templates and kitchen roofs are generally purchased as a complete set, and they are also extremely critical factors for a successful installation. Usually, the installer will create a new model based on on-site measurements. Once the measurement is completed, you can install a bottom layer, usually plywood, between it and the granite vapor layer, the granite can be installed, and can be connected with the colored epoxy resin matching the granite countertop.

kashmir white granite price

Kashmir white granite price

Use of granite leftovers

After the completion, if there is on-site cutting, you will find that there will be some remaining granite stones. Don’t think that these are waste materials. We can make full use of these granites, even the remaining materials. For example, it can be used as a splash-proof board, and customized ones are more useful if the edges are smooth. The installer can have better suggestions to use these and maximize the use of these resources.

As kitchen countertops and bathroom countertops, granite has an extremely wide range of options. , The durable and attractive appearance of granite countertops and bathroom countertops can increase the value of use.