Granite countertops are composed of granite. Because granite has a hard surface like a diamond, granite has strong scratch resistance. However, long-term use will make the granite countertops easily scratched and scratched.

How to avoid scratches and scratches on granite?

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Sealed granite countertops, granite countertops are porous materials, improper care, they are easily scratched and scratched. The curing agent can form a protective layer on the countertop to protect the granite countertop. This protective layer also makes the granite surface very smooth and shiny. The granite countertop manufacturer will reseal the countertop in front of the selling counter. But as time goes by, this protective layer will gradually wear out, so it is necessary to re-seal the countertop regularly. You can also buy some curing agent products from the manufacturer to cure granite countertops. Be sure to consult the manufacturer that sells granite countertops, because different manufacturers have different curing agent products.

Avoid using sharp objects on the granite countertops. Granite countertops are often used for food preparation. Cutting things directly on the countertop will damage the countertop and even leave unsightly scratches. When cutting food, a chopping board is used to protect the granite countertop. You can also install a wooden cutting board on the granite countertop. If this method does not work, then you can cut something on a non-granite countertop. If it is unavoidable to cut something on the granite countertop, then the action should be light when cutting.

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Avoid dragging kitchen equipment from the granite countertops. Kitchen equipment such as mixers, food processors, stoves, and mixers are heavy equipment. They may have sharp edges inside, which can scratch or scratch the granite countertops. To avoid this situation, do not drag heavy objects on the granite countertops. If the kitchen equipment is too heavy, ask someone to help lift it or put a foam pad on the bottom. The foam pad is very helpful for moving objects and also avoids scratches on the table.

Clean the granite countertops after each use. Things left over during food preparation can scratch the granite countertops. Clean the countertop with a neutral soap and water solution to ensure that there are no harmful particles on the countertop. In addition, use a sponge instead of abrasive products to clean the countertop to reduce scratches.

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