In the past, granite countertops could only appear in high-end residences. Today, despite the high price, granite countertops have become more and more popular. Many consumers increasingly prefer to install granite countertops in the kitchen or bathroom.

blue granite worktops

Butterfly blue granite worktops

Why do people like granite countertops? Many consumers are attracted by its beautiful appearance. Granite is a natural substance with natural beauty. Granite countertops can be matched with many decorative styles. However, because the granite countertops are made of natural materials, the available colors are limited.

There are several different surface treatments for granite countertops. They can have a smooth or matte appearance. The edge of the rolling surface is rounded. The granite looks smooth after grinding. The granite countertop of the fire surface is a rough surface formed at a high temperature. There are no two pieces of granite exactly the same, so don’t be surprised if you find that the granite countertop installed is different from the sample you selected. You can only determine the appearance of granite countertops by checking the appearance of the granite to be installed in advance. The contractor or other home improvement expert will explain the difference.

fantasy blue granite

fantasy blue granite kitchen countertops

Granite countertops can withstand any abuse. Unlike rolled countertops, you can put high-temperature tableware directly on the granite countertop without damaging the countertop. If you are cutting vegetables, you don’t need to use a cutting board, you can cut directly on the countertop. No matter how sharp the knife is, it cannot penetrate the surface of the stone.

Granite countertops are easy to clean. A mild detergent or soap can keep the countertop as bright as new. Avoid abrasive cleaners and acid stains. Use a soft clean cloth when wiping, and avoid using a washing pad.

Granite is expensive. About 70$-100$ per square foot. In order to save costs, you can install granite countertops in obvious areas, and install rolling countertops in areas that are not easily noticed. In fact, granite countertops need to be resealed once a year. It is best to ask professionals to install sealed granite countertops. If you install it yourself and cause damage, you will pay a higher price.

blue granite slabs

China butterfly blue granite slabs

Many home improvement stores sell granite countertops. There is also a lot of information in this regard on the Internet. Sometimes there are some discounts in retail stores or online.