Granite is a porous igneous rock, the main components are quartz and feldspar. With a diamond-like hard surface, granite has always been favored by users, and its material is often used as a variety of indoor countertops. But granite is a porous material, improper care, it is easy to be scratched and scratched.

blue granite countertops

Natural blue granite countertops

The following is an introduction to the daily maintenance of kitchen granite countertops.

1. Use sealant to seal granite countertops
The granite countertop manufacturer seals the countertop in front of the selling counter. This is because the curing agent can form a protective layer on the countertop to protect the granite countertop. This protective layer also makes the granite surface very smooth and shiny.

But this is not enough. As time goes by, this protective layer will gradually wear out. Therefore, the countertop should be resealed regularly. The reason is the same as above, in order to repair the damaged protective layer, it plays the role of protecting the countertop again.

faux granite countertops

Black faux granite countertops

2. Avoid directly cutting objects or using sharp instruments on the table
Granite countertops are often found in kitchens. Avoid cutting things directly on the countertop, as that will not only damage the countertop but even leave unsightly scratches. It is recommended to use a chopping board when cutting food to protect the granite countertop.

When washing utensils with sharp edges such as soymilk, juicer, blender, etc., be careful that the sharp edges touch the table surface to avoid scratches.

3. Avoid dragging kitchen equipment from above
Blenders, food processors, stoves, and blenders may have sharp edges on the bottom of kitchen equipment. These sharp edges can scratch or scratch the granite countertops. And because of their own weight, they will cause a certain amount of wear on the countertop. To avoid this situation, do not drag heavy objects on the granite countertops. It is recommended to put a foam pad on the bottom to help move the items and avoid scratches on the table.

prefab granite countertops

Factory prefab granite countertops

4. clean the granite countertops in time
Things left over during food preparation will scratch the granite countertop. It is recommended to clean the countertop in time after each use and clean the countertop with a neutral soap and water solution to ensure that there are no harmful particles on the countertop. In addition, use a sponge instead of abrasive products to clean the countertop to reduce scratches.