As a new green and environmentally friendly building decoration material, quartz stone has the characteristics of wear resistance, pressure resistance, high-temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, and anti-permeability that other materials can’t match. It has been increasingly used in cabinet countertops and laboratory countertops. Artificial quartz stone is the preferred decorative material in areas such as windowsills, bar counters, elevator entrances, floors, walls, etc., where environmental requirements are relatively high. However, the price of quartz stone is slightly higher than other decorative materials.

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The problem of the glue line that occurs when two pieces of quartz stone plates are spliced ​​is a very headache because the hardness of the quartz stone is relatively high, if you want to achieve seamless bonding, the technical requirements for processing and installation are very high. And many people will ignore the problem of the seam glue line during installation, and the seam problem will be discovered during use. Today, the editor will explain to you the reasons and repair methods for the glue line!

The reason for the glue line? To achieve seamless bonding of quartz stone countertops is mainly in the use of glue.

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①There are strict requirements for the preparation of the glue on-site, such as the amount of glue, the amount of quartz powder, the curing agent, etc., which are uniformly mixed and then glued and polished. If the proportion of ingredients is not coordinated when the glue is prepared, the glue line problem will occur.

②Using the original glue from the manufacturer, well-known domestic manufacturers have strict regulations in the production of glue, and each batch of plates will be issued with original glue before leaving the factory. Some small manufacturers or on-site construction personnel do not pay attention to the details and use similar color glue to paste is also an important reason for the appearance of glue lines!

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veined quartz countertops

How to fix the glue line problem? It is inevitable that there will be problems in the construction due to various reasons, and how to solve the problems is of more concern to everyone. If there is a glue line problem, you can contact the cabinet manufacturer or the quartz stone manufacturer (about after-sales issues are negotiated between the manufacturers). Use an angle grinder to caulk the original bonding seams and polish them all clean. Use the original glue to modulate the joints. After the glue has solidified, use an angle grinder to polish and eliminate the joint glue line, but the quality of the countertop will not be affected in any way!