Home decoration people not only pursue external beauty but also require green and environmentally friendly decoration materials. As we all know, the current decorative materials, real environmentally friendly materials are very expensive, so for ordinary home decoration, only some places will use it, such as cabinet countertops using quartz stone. Quartz stone is widely recognized as a green decorative stone. However, there will be some problems. Many people leave a message to the editor asking about the reason for the deformation of the quartz stone countertop. Here is the editor for you to find the reason for the deformation of the quartz stone countertop!

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The raw materials of quartz stone plates are made by curing more than 90% quartz sand, 7% resin, and other binders through a vacuum, high pressure, and furnace. Therefore, the higher the amount of resin, the lower the hardness of the quartz stone, the easier it is to deform and the less resistant to scratching. If you want to reduce the deformation, you need to reduce the amount of resin, increase the proportion of quartz sand, and appropriately increase the pressure during molding to increase the compactness. This is related to the production of the quartz stone manufacturer. The second is the loopholes left in the processing and installation. When connecting with the cabinet, there is no pad or pad strip that may be deformed and warped.

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How to tell whether the quartz stone countertop will deform during use? It can be divided into smell, draw, and see. First, let’s understand the smell and scribing. Because of the high resin content, the smell will be emitted slowly. If the board has a strong smell, the resin content will be higher. For the same reason, the hardness of the sheet itself cannot be reached, and a deep mark can be drawn with the key. How to look, where to look? The main thing is to see if the processor has added pads to the bottom of the countertop during installation! If you don’t find these problems, congratulations, your desk will not have any problems in ten years!

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