If you are looking for a kitchen sink that is durable and easy to maintain, then a granite sink is a good choice. The granite sink can resist wear and tear in daily life such as dents, cuts, cracks, and stains.

modern sink

Granite modern sink

The granite sink is composed of extremely durable granite composite material, which is fade-resistant and almost solid color. The abrasion-resistant, porous, non-absorbent granite surface is highly resistant to scratches, cracks, and staining, while also resisting high temperatures up to 535 degrees Fahrenheit.

This type of sink is expensive, but scratch resistance is the strongest. This is mainly due to the dense rock particles covering the surface. But because it is always combined with quartz composite materials, this material does not have a glossy surface.

small bathroom sink

Granite small bathroom sink

The granite sink has a large practical sink in a variety of colors, including metallic colors.

This type of sink is divided into a single tank and a double tank.

The depth of the sink is also different. The ultra-deep sink is suitable for soaking large things, but it will reduce the space on the counter. The depth range of the sink is 5-12 inches.

vanity sink

Kitchen vanity sink

There are different ways to place the drainpipe in the sink. The most common is placed in the center of the sink. Some are placed at the back so that they can provide more useful space. Although it would be troublesome for the drainpipe to pass through the bottom, it also increases the space of the bottom cabinet. The granite sink is generally installed under the counter and is not wound into a circle, so food and sundries can be directly flushed into the sink. Man-made materials, natural stone, or concrete solid surface drainage pipes are allowed to be installed underneath. These sinks are popular with people for their charming charm and outstanding functions.