Nowadays, granite is becoming more and more popular, this is because there are many advantages of using granite as a kitchen countertop material. Here are some of the main advantages.

1. Granite countertops have natural beauty. Granite has a wide variety of shades, colors, and textures, and a wide range of options are available. The color can be matched with any decorative style, whether it is a neutral tone or a bright tone, you can choose the one that suits you. If your countertop requires more than one plate, make sure they are from the same mine or there is no obvious color difference between the plates.

saint cecilia granite

Saint Cecilia granite bathroom vanity tops

2. Granite countertops are durable and durable. Granite is one of the hardest materials. Unlike other materials, granite will not be burned by high-temperature tableware. With proper sealing on a regular basis, granite will resist stains and fading. The sealing is very simple and anyone can do it. Properly sealing the granite countertop will help keep the beautiful and shiny glaze of the granite countertop for a long time.

3. Each piece of granite is different and has its own unique style. The pattern, color texture, distribution, and depth of each piece are different. They can be matched with any type of cabinet and floor material. Granite countertops can add rich colors to the kitchen, which is not simply replicated by other materials.

4. Although the purchase of granite countertops will increase economic expenditure, it is indeed a good investment. The use of granite kitchen countertops will increase the value of the home. Many home buyers now prefer to buy homes that do not need to be renovated. They would rather spend more, or even spend more, as long as the house is beautiful and easy to live in.

granite bathroom

Natural colored granite bathroom vanity tops

Builders and contractors have noticed the increasing demand for granite countertops in the past ten years. Granite has so many advantages that an increase in demand is expected. Whether you like the luxurious feel of granite or want to decorate your home beautifully so that you can sell it at a better price, you have to keep the following things in mind.

1. When choosing the pattern and color of granite, consider the style of the home. It is safer to choose neutral colors. Even if you want to re-decorate in the future, you don’t have to worry about not matching the granite countertops.

2. Make sure that the installed countertop is the one you purchased. Since each piece of granite is different, it is impossible for the sample to be as accurate as of the actual installed countertop material. If the countertop is too large and several plates are needed, make sure that these plates come from the same mine. The same type of granite is mined from different mines. If different batches of plates are used together, it will be a disaster.

absolute black granite countertops

China absolute black granite countertops

3. Do not try to recycle fixtures such as faucets or sinks. When using granite, the sunken sink is the best, that is, the sink is installed inside the granite and sealed with silicone to prevent leakage. After the granite is installed, the sinking sink cannot be reinstalled or replaced. So choose a high-quality sink.

Considering the above points, you can prepare to buy gorgeous granite countertops. You will be amazed by the transformation of the kitchen.