Many owners are concerned about the problem of cabinet countertops. Today Allkitchencountertops will explain to you how to buy quartz countertops. In fact, the quartz stone market is very messy, and I found a lot of brands when I went out for a walk. Everyone knows what the quartz content of their countertops is. In fact, only 4 simple methods are needed to identify the quality of quartz.

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1. The quartz stone with good weight is produced by a high-pressure press, and the quartz stone with a poor weight is produced by a heavy press. The plating density is higher, so the quartz stone of the same size will be heavier. The quartz stone content also ranges from 80% to 94%. The higher the quartz content, the better the quality of the quartz stone countertops.

2. The thickness of quartz stone for cabinet countertops is 1.2 cm and 1.5 cm. Because quartz stone has high hardness but is more brittle than artificial stone, it is recommended to use 15 cm thick quartz stone, but many manufacturers actually produce it by rubbing the edge ball. The plate is only 14% or even 13.5%. Responsible manufacturers will not save this 1%. Therefore, it is recommended not to buy quartz countertops that do not really reach 15%.

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3. Scrape the quartz stone with hard objects such as keys. The main component is quartz sand. Quartz sand is also silicon dioxide. The hardness in nature is basically second only to diamonds. If it is a real good quartz stone, there will only be a line after scraping with a key, which is even less obvious after scrubbing. Quartz stone countertops containing calcium powder and other inferior materials will have marks and white powder after being scratched with a key.

4. Soy sauce tested on quartz stone countertops soy sauce will not bleed for a few days. Inferior quartz stone countertops bleed in one day.

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