Although cabinet countertop installation is the last process, it is also the most important part. The quality of the countertop installation will directly affect the service life of the whole cabinet! Everyone has their own opinions about why mats or pads are used under the quartz stone countertops. Should we add comments after we understand it?

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Should you add pads or pads under the quartz stone cabinet countertops?

Quartz stone is an artificial stone plate made of artificial die-casting. Its density is relatively high and its weight is much heavier than artificial stone and natural stone. If the bearing capacity of the cabinet can be reached, it is not necessary to add pads or pads. However, many cabinets currently use composite panels, which are weaker in terms of bearing capacity. In this case, it is better to use pads or pads, because the force on the countertop can be evenly distributed to the entire cabinet.

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Should I use a pad or a pad? The purpose of the pad is to make the force of the countertop more uniform and reduce the chance of cracking of the countertop. Generally, our common quartz stone countertops are lined with aluminum alloy pads or quartz stone keels, plastic steel keels, aluminum alloy keels, etc. The choice of backing board is generally a wooden board. The wooden backing board is relatively affected by air, and it is easy to expand and contract with heat, which will cause the table to break and affect the normal use of the table; the pad is not affected by air and is not easy to deform, and the pad is also the same The gravity of the countertop is resolved, the bearing capacity of the countertop is improved, and the service life of the cabinet is enhanced.

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