Granite countertops are deeply loved by owners and interior designers, not only because of their inherent beauty and style but also because of their anti-damage and durable qualities. Despite their natural power, granite countertops also need to be carefully treated to ensure that they last longer and are more durable.

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There are two important points in the correct care of granite countertops: short-term care and long-term care.

Short-term care refers to daily cleaning and maintenance. Many people use rags and detergents to clean simply. In fact, this approach is correct. In daily care, no special techniques or expensive products are required for cleaning. There is no need to wipe hard. Gently scrubbing or cleaning is enough.

However, you must be careful with the cleaning agents used. The granite countertop has a sealing layer to prevent dirt and discoloration. Many cleaners are too acidic and can damage the sealing layer. This will cause chemicals to enter the stone through the pores of the stone and cause discoloration. You can buy non-acid cleaners in supermarkets, and you should use this type of cleaner.

The next step is long-term cleaning, about twice a year. All we are talking about is resealing the granite countertops. Even if you have been very careful to clean the countertop, the sealing layer will still wear out over time, which requires a new sealing layer to maintain the quality of the countertop.

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Check to see where you can buy a good granite countertop sealant. It is best to ask the countertop distributor. They will recommend excellent products to you. If you want cheaper products, you can also apply qualified car wax. This is also an effective sealant. In most cases, it is cheaper than specialized granite sealants.

It does not take much time and effort to apply the sealant. You can do it yourself, it only takes a short time. It’s as simple as waxing a car.

Now, you know two important points about caring for granite countertops. As long as you follow the above methods, I guarantee that your granite countertops can last a lifetime.

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