In the past ten years, stainless steel has had a great influence on kitchen design. There is no doubt that stainless steel is also a popular material for making countertops. Stainless steel countertops give the kitchen an industrial feel. It is easy to clean and resistant to high temperatures.

Granite has been the material of choice for delicate and elegant countertops for many years, but the problem is that granite requires high maintenance. Quartz countertops are the best choice now because they require low maintenance and are easy to do, like the brown-colored quartz kitchen countertops below shows.

brown quartz countertops

brown quartz countertops

You don’t have to worry about sealing and resealing anymore. Quartz is more resistant to scratches and stains. It is harder than granite and has various colors, so why don’t you like it?

Quartz, which is a gift of nature, will enter more families. Quartz is found all over the world. In fact, another component of quartz is usually water. Why not use such a beautiful and rich element?

The natural hardness of quartz ranks seventh on the hardness scale. Only sapphire, topaz, and diamond are harder than it, so you can imagine how durable quartz countertops are.

The composition of the quartz countertop is 100% quartz, while the granite is usually only 50%. The granite is porous and easy to seep, and it is easy to stain and scratch. This is why quartz is more durable.

Unprocessed quartz crystals from particles to stone salt size are bonded together by adhesives, colored, and then heated and pressed to form an impermeable surface. The air is gradually sucked out, and finally, a quartz plate without cracks is formed. Prevent moisture and water stains. It also means that bacteria cannot penetrate the quartz.

So whether you buy a quartz countertop from DuPont or other places, its production process is the same, so the quality of the product is also the same. China Stone Network

This is why the warranty period of quartz countertops is 10 years.

The color of the quartz is added during the production process, so the quartz countertop can be customized, which means you can choose the color that matches your kitchen, and there is no problem with any color you need.

Cambria offers 27 standard colors, Cosentino Silestone offers 48, and DuPont is not even worse than this number. The variety of quartz depends on the mixing of small particles and the size of the small particles. In fact, glass and quartz are mixed, reflecting each other.

The more uniform the small crystals on the surface of the countertop, the more mottled the large crystals.

dark brown quartz countertop

dark brown quartz countertop

Quartz plates use large polishing wheels to throw high gloss, but it can also make the gloss lower. The type of edging depends on the production style and the maker, but what remains unchanged is the elegance and beauty of the countertop.

The weight of quartz is slightly heavier than that of granite because they are denser. Some methods are needed to cut them, but once you have the trick, the installation is very easy, just like the installation of other types of countertops.