In view of the serious waste of raw materials and human resources in the production of artificial stone solid surface materials and most of the environmental pollution problems existing in the current domestic artificial stone solid surface material production, we have successfully developed a vacuum pressure method to form artificial stone solid surface material countertop production line through many years of experience accumulation. The production cost is greatly reduced, the production process is simplified, and the product has great market competitiveness.

Since the appearance of solid surface artificial stone in my country for more than ten years, it has swept the country’s urban and rural kitchen and bathroom markets, but the market competition has reached the level of shopping. Survival is not honest, and it does everything possible to cut corners, reduce costs at the expense of product quality, and produce a large number of low-quality low-priced panels that flood the market, conduct false propaganda and mislead consumers, and produce many quality problems that cause bad effects. This new industry suffers a serious loss of reputation. The main reason is the high production cost of the current process, and there is no profit to ensure the quality. The main reason for the high production cost is the labor in the existing production process. , Materials, electricity, and other inevitable losses and waste are too large.

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The existing process of producing countertops is to add unsaturated polyester resin or acrylic resin to fillers, and color materials to be made into a 2440×760×14.5mm blank plate with a vacuum bubble discharge plane and pressureless casting. Grind into a sheet with a thickness of 12.7mm, then cut the material according to the drawing, bond it with an adhesive to form a blank, and then polish it from coarse to fine to produce a finished countertop. This method has been used from abroad to domestic for decades. Without any improvement, in the production practice, the author deeply feels that this production method has the following problems and must be improved. Only by reducing the overall cost under the premise of ensuring the quality, can the situation of crude manufacturing be reversed.

1. The loss of raw materials is large. For example, a standard board must ensure that the 12.7mm thickness of the blank board is not less than 52-54kg. After double-sided grinding, it is a pity that 8-10kg of materials must be ground and thrown away.

2. Large investment in sand milling equipment, serious environmental pollution by dust, large space occupation, and high power consumption.

3. The board is cut and cut according to the drawing, resulting in a large amount of unusable leftover material, which is useless.

4. Adhesives are used to bond the plates into countertop blanks according to the drawings. It takes labor and time, the production and processing process is cumbersome and easy to make mistakes, which affects the accuracy. It needs more than 100g of glue per meter of countertop bonding. If the processing technology is not good enough, it is easy to see the bonding. Seam and cause the phenomenon of open glue.

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Aiming at the drawbacks of the above processes, we gradually solved various technical problems in the existing production process and invented a vacuum pressure one-step molding process for artificial stone countertops.

1. Under the condition of ensuring the thickness and quality of the countertop, it can be formed into a countertop with rear water retaining edge and a front skirt through a multifunctional mold (patent). Up to 19% and no bonding seams are visible.

2. There is no need to invest in sanding machines and dust removal equipment, which solves the pollution of dust to the human body and the environment, and saves space.

3. It saves cutting and bonding man-hours, the table has no splicing seams, and the adhesive is omitted, and the efficiency can be increased by 45%. Subject to process limitations.

4. If the kitchen cabinet factory produces and uses itself, it can also set stove hole molds and basin hole molds, which can save 20% of raw materials.

The emergence of the new technology of artificial stone vacuum pressure will overwhelmingly eliminate the old technology of the existing plate processing and bonding forming countertops. With the promotion of technology, the development of China’s artificial stone industry will be improved to a new situation with good quality, low price, and a larger market.

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According to the data disclosed by the Kitchen and Bathroom Research Institute of the Ministry of Construction, “Currently, about 2 billion square meters of residential buildings in urban and rural areas across the country will be built a year, and about 1.3 billion square meters of residential construction, or about 13 million units.” According to this analysis, each kitchen and bathroom share 4 meters of countertops, which can reach 52 million extended meters. If the minimum value of production and processing is 200 yuan per meter, it can reach more than 10 billion yuan. With the promotion and popularization of this technology, it can increase the direct economic benefit of China’s artificial stone industry by about 3 billion yuan, and solve the most troublesome environmental protection problem of dust pollution in artificial stone enterprises.